Guys- Do You Like It When Girls Come and Cheer for You at Basketball Games?

Guys- do you like it when girls come and cheer for you at basketball games?

Guys- Do You Like It When Girls Come and Cheer for You at Basketball Games? 1

It depends completely on the person, some people are ego maniacs and will love it, others are more shy and HATE it when people cheer their name. If your not sure what kind of person he is then just quitely watch the game, or risk pissing him off

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Who will win these 2 basketball games?

Heat will win, Celtics will win! Marines rule!!!

Guys- Do You Like It When Girls Come and Cheer for You at Basketball Games? 2

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Does anyone have any good basketball games or drills i could do when im alone?

Shoot till you can not feel your arms, then once that happens keep shooting till the gym closes

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What are some fun basketball games for 8-year old kids?

H-O-R-S-E is good but (or and) competitive. A way to play (not the only way) is: You decide who starts. That person shoots from where-ever they want. If they make the basket, that's 'H' the next person must shoot from the same spot. Each person in turn takes a shot, and scores or does not . If a person misses, the next person can choose where they want to shoot from and if they make it the next person must shoot from that spot. Everyone keeps track of where they are and who is first to spell out 'HORSE' by making baskets. If everyone makes the basket from a spot, the person who started that sequence must shoot from a different place, and process is repeated until someone misses. Each made basket scores a letter for that person who made it. The first person to spell out HORSE wins. You could also do 2-team relay lay-ups if you have opposite basket courts.

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Can I use the Canon EOS Rebel T1i for indoor basketball games?

Short answer is yes. The longer answer is you need to make sure you get the right lenses. Among zooms, you will want something with an f2.8 aperture. Such lenses are not cheap and if you do not need quite so much reach, a cheaper alternative would be a prime lens. If you will be shooting in a typical middle school or high school gym, look into the EF 85mm f/1.8 USM

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Are you allowed to wear a Power Balance during highschool basketball games?

No you can not wear any wristbands unless it is associated with an injury or medical condition. It is a hazard because if someone gets their finger caught in that wrist band, something is going to break, and I do not think it will be the wristband

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what is the name of the techno song being played this year at basketball games and on NBA network?

then ask them itunes might help

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I just got my ears pierced today and I have a basketball game tomorrow I was wondering if I could take them ou?

You can, but it COULD result in an infection, due to the ear being peirced recently, and the hole being made recently, I do not think a day is enough time for the ear to recover. Also when you are running without your earings (not all the time, just in the first few weeks) bacteria could get in. When I went to get my ears pierced, they told me to not take off the earings (not sure what they are called, but those are the first earrings that you get while peircing your ear) atleast 4 weeks. So yeah, I would not suggest taking them off, but you still can, if you really want to. Just be very carefull

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what should i wear to school teams basketball games?

How about getting a blue wig and wearing your school colors?

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Who do you think is going to win in these NBA Basketball games? Also what will the score be?

Nets will lead from early it may be close but they win by 6 Magic should win cause of there D both teams wont Break 100....should be fun hope Oniel shows up Jazz all day at home buy 10 Warriors will lose i want to see OJ get off Gasol all day in the paint Warriors are a pest though Ellis will get off but i think Grizz can play a full 4qrts

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Good pump-up songs fro basketball games?

Forever, Drake Remember the Name, Fort Minor Till I Collapse, Eminem N*ggas in Paris, Kanye West and Jay-Z Survival, Eminem We Own It, 2 Chainz We Ready, Ya Boy

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