How Does Aloe Vera for Hair Growth Really Works?

Aloe Vera stimulates blood circulation which helps in stimulating hair growth. Aloe vera also helps in reducing product and sebum build-up on your scalp. At the same time, it helps in maintaining PH level of your scalp which in turn treats dandruff and hair loss. Clean and healthy scalp is a must for healthy hair growth. Hence, your hair will naturally grow faster and healthier if you use aloe vera.For best results, try aloe vera and fenugreek hair mask for hair growth. Ingredients: Aloe vera and overnight soaked fenugreek seeds.Method: just mix these together and grind them to form smooth hair mask. Apply it twice a month and see your hair growth triggered. Nimisha.

How Does Aloe Vera for Hair Growth Really Works? 1

1. Question about Prenatal Vitamins for Hair growth?

yes of course it can

2. Is this routine going to help with hair growth?

Probably. Here are some other ways to inrease your chances, *massage your head. *flip your hair upside down for 2 mins couple of times a day. *flip your hair upside down then gently GENTLY brush it, for 2 mins, twice a day. This helps stimulate the blood. *This might sound weird, but chnage your shampoo brand regularly, like twice a week.

How Does Aloe Vera for Hair Growth Really Works? 2

3. What is the best product for hair growth?

You can try braiding your hair and keeping moisture in it. Wrapping your hair often allows your hair to grow a lot. You should comb your hair everyday this lets the air flow through and gives the roots time to breathe and stretch out. Doo Gro does work and so does Dr. Miracle. I do not use either one of them but my mom has and it doesn good for her. You may want to try finding a beauty shop where you can go to either bi-weekly or weekly or if that is not available, you can do a hot oil treatment just by using a shower cap and either hair grease or some kind of oil. I know a lot of tricks when it comes to hair growth its all about you take care and treat your hair. but if you think you have a serious problem you may want to go to the doctor. you can email me at for more tips if you would life.

4. Which vitamins do you recommend for color treated hair growth that are safe to take?

Your hair being colour treated and your race does not make a difference to the vitamins you take.You can buy hair and nail specific vitamin systems,just buy one of them

5. Hair growth tips?

Research has confirmed the role of zinc has a vital nutrient in the healthy growth of hair. Zinc is an important element in the management of stress when it is mobilized in stress as it is an important constituent of many vital enzymes required for normal body functions. In terms of hair, nails and skin, it helps in the synthesis of various proteins, which subsequently facilitate growth and maintenance.

6. What are some products for thin hair and hair growth?

There can be plenty of reasons for hairfall and thinning hair. A more common reason is pattern baldness and genetics which is somewhat hereditary. However not everything is gone. You obviously have to take extra care than normal people. Try out a few alternative treatments in my YouTube channel,one of which I am staying here. And let me know whether it helps. Change is lifestyle and consulting a dermatologist would be the next step

7. Are hair growth vitamins safe?

I take vitamins for skin hair & nails which are perfectly fine. I would stay away from relaxers & a perm though, unless its absolutely necessary. They can damage hair & it's unhealthy for your scalp. Mane & tail shampoo is to make hair stronger & is also believed to help with growth. Other tips are to avoid using heat products & get a trim every 2-4 months. :)

8. Has anyone tried Sea Kelp for hair growth, and if so does it work?

One "Old Wives" tale is that seaweed helps your hair become dark and shiney. Not sure what sea kelp does for growth, though. Ca not hurt to try

9. If shaving does not affect hair growth then what does?

it's just because you are getting older

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