I Need a New Laptop. All I Need It for Is to Pay Bills, EBay, Word, Excel and Internet. Whats My Bes

go for toshiba, hp, dell or samsung as they are good reliable manufacturers avoid acer, lenovo, fujitsu-siemens as these have so many issues with computers go for the following spec for a brand new laptop Intel or AMD dual core 1.6GHz processor 2GB DDR2 RAM 80-120GB Hard drive 128MB graphics card 15.4 inch screen windows vista home premium (avoid vista basic its too boring and lacks features) that is the core features you need to concern yourself with you may also consider number of USB ports for connecting printers etc... WI-FI f you want wireless connectivity to the internet Bluetooth compliance if you want a bluetooth mouse for example I personally would go for a budget toshiba or dell laptop they offer fantastic value for money they are stylish and very capable computers i have a toshiba satellite P100-465 and it has been fine, the motherboard failed cos i accidently dropped a screw into it when it was open underneath - my mistake and it shorted the motherboard out but exept for that mishap which was covered with warranty it has performed flawlesly

1. What does Dell warranty covered?

If the motherboard came damaged, then yes. If you damaged it, then NO!

2. Fidelity Warranty Services Automobile Platinum Warranty ISSUES!?

Aftermarket warranties are a huge moneymaker for the dealerships. They are also, for the most part, useless. The fine print "exceptions" are what keep the company from paying out for repairs that should be covered. Genuine Chrysler is backed by the manufacturer. The other is strictly a company that deals with selling an automotive "insurance policy" as it were and have no affiliation with a company to back up it's claims

3. If I have a dell desk top computer that is still under warranty, could I upgrade to a lap top or another com?

Dell will not take back the machine and give you a credit to buy a new one if thats what you are asking. Regardless if its under warranty or not. If you want a new desktop or laptop you have to puchase it. Dell does not take trade ins.

4. Warranty plan option for new laptop ?

Do you feel lucky? That's what these types of warranty, and any insurance for that matter, are - a gamble. If you do not buy it you are gambling that the laptop is going to last at least as long as the warranty coverage would have been if you did buy it. If it does get broken inside the warranty period of the warranty you could have bought then you have to eat the entire cost of getting it repaired or replaced. When we last bought laptops I did not get any extended warranty on mine at all. The one for my wife got full accident coverage. The laptop can be dropped off a building into a bucket of water and then ran over by a truck and we would get a brand new laptop, no questions asked. Expensive, but the reason we were buying new laptops at all was that she dropped hers - I just wanted a new one.

5. Is the extended warranty on a motorcycle really worth if?

if this model is over a year or 2 in production, extended warranties are generally another way to line the dealer's pocket. and something else i've noticed on metric's vs harley: metric's give only a 1 year warranty via factory, any make/model of harley....2 years from date of purchase. oil changes has got to be the easiest maintainece thing to do on a bike. u could pick up a service manual for the scoot, and the amount of coin this item will save u will add up rather quick. some dealers like to do 'scare tactics'...if the dealer dont do it, it automatically 'voids' warranty just so they can get a new scoot in the maint. bay and bend u over. as long as the maintainance is done to factory specs, u could take it to an independant servicer and have work done to it....and the warranty will still be honored by the moco.

6. how do i install oil press, water temp, oil temp, and air to fuel gauges on a 2004 honda civic.?

As your vehicle is only a 2004 - is it not still under warranty? Mucking around yourself if it under warranty will void it. You could definately benefit from joining an online forum for Honda owners - just do a search and you should find several. You should know that many cities also have Honda owners clubs - try looking for one in your area. As for the gauges - leave it to the experts - take your vehicle to an authorized Honda dealership as in the end it will cost you less.

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