Is the American Empire Coming to an End?

Is the American empire coming to an end?

There is nothing called "American Empire". If you mean the "influence on the world" means I would like to tell you that time is the best answer. Because before the world wars Britain has "influence on the world". In the recent time China and India are growing to be influential to the world. China due to its policy may not be accepted by all other nations. And India has so many internal problems like population and poverty etc. So your country is influential to the world is not a matter. Just try to think the whole world as your family, do something if you can for the poverty of African countries, to check terrorism in the South Asia etc

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Why did the Russian Empire fall?

bolshevik revolution. tsar nicholas II was not competent enought to keep up with other powers, he lost with japan and performed poorly in ww1. the support for the monarchy in russia went down and down, as the czars lived with every luxury while russians experienced famine after famine. the bad performances were the thing that tipped the pot, and the revolution happened. the Tsar greatly underestimated it and got beaten by it. thus the soviet union was born, stretching on the territories of the former russian empire

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Boardwalk Empire (TV series):

Just to add a couple of points to User-12046304063307984063's good answer:n nGyp has very poor impulse control. He simply does not think through his actions well enough to consider that violence may cause more issues for him. He is almost like a child in that regard. n nIn regards to your question about wanting to establish himself as a real gangster, I think almost every character in the Boardwalk Empire universe wants to establish themselves as a real gangster. They want to be like Torrio or Nucky or Rothstein. They see the power and respect these guys have and they crave it. I think Rosetti is the same, he just does not understand how exactly you get that power or respect through anything other than intimidation.Boardwalk Empire (TV series): Why is Gyp Rosetti so violent? Is he a sociopath?Why is Gyp Rosetti so violent? Is he a sociopath?

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I am going to New York for the first time in May any good ideas where I should go ....?

empire sqaure central street liberty cities and NBY square

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What is an example of a european seabourne empire?

The British Empire. "Britain was not Persia or Macedon or Rome, driven by territorial imperatives to expand its land borders. Britain was an island nation that had, by the days of colonial acquisition, surrendered its continental aspirations and was looking for other ways to keep pace with its European neighbours. Commercial efforts were encouraged by the issue of royal charters to trading companies; and as new lands, as far away as the Pacific, came within the European purview, pre-emptive settlement was considered a necessary precaution. "Empires grow through the need to source and secure commodities, to protect markets for consumables and to defend the trading routes that service this two-way traffic. The embryonic British Empire, essentially maritime, developed as a network of remote and widely scattered enterprises with extended lines of communication. Trading stations, and the staging posts required to service and secure the shipping lanes, developed defensive exclusion zones through alliances with or oppression of local tribes and rulers. The territorial base expanded through necessity."

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Is anyone else angered by how easily the Empire seems to lose in Star Wars?

Star Wars is all about bullshit. I am much more surprised that people still tend to judge it in serious terms.Btw, according to some sources personnel of the typical Death Star consisted of million people. How rebels are even any better than empire, or - Jedi more respectable than Sith, after blowing them up all at once?. . Two times. .. Luke Skywalker and his friends are basically mass-murderers

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What contributed to the fall of the Greek empire?

Greece was ever a group of warring city states that spawned off colonies of likeminded independent city states. The future Carthaginians were a mix of Greek and Phocaean culture. The cities of Turkey, like Troy, were by and large Greek colonies as were those of Sicily. Persian subjugation of Green colonies in Asia Minor was at the root of the Persian Greco wars.Only Alexander carved out an empire as fleeting at it was, and his surviving Generals began to carve it up into their own kingdoms before his body was cold.So while the Greeks may have given us democracy, it did not take in many places out side of Athens. Such stuff is romantic nonsense. The fall of the Ptolemic dynasty to Rome when Cleopatra died, was the last of the Greek rulers in Egypt. The other members of the Diadochi fell to Rome or Parthians before Egypt was annexed by Rome

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