Links to Articles/more Info About the Psychology of Skydivers/other High Adrenaline Enthusiasts?

There are lots of people who like to be scared, who are not left-handed and who do not skydive. Some become police officers and provide good service to society. That's how they get their jolt of adrenaline. Some just drive like maniacs on the highways and then turn back into mild-mannered "Clark Kents" once they are out of the car. Some just tell really good ghost stories, as my great-grandma Smith used to do. Kids from all around would come to her house in the evening to hear these, and then go home scared to pieces, clinging to their brothers and sisters, sure they were seeing "haints and ghosts" (haunts and ghosts) behind every bush. But they loved every minute of it! They are the same people who go see movies about Frankenstein's monster and Dracula and the Mummy, and read all those vampire novels and wish that THEY could be vampires and suck people's blood at midnight and fly around the sky at night on broomsticks. Other folks would rather live humdrum lives without any holidays and go to work every single day. In a movie about familes, starring Steve Martin and Mary Steenbergen (the title of which I've unfortunately forgotten), Mary tells Steven near the end that she loves to go the fair every year and her favorite ride is the roller-coaster. She loves those ups and downs. Life is like that, too, she tells Steve (her husband in the play). And that's quite all right with her. He's been a fuddy-duddy all through the picture, complaining right and left whenever anything interesting or unusual happens, because it's a change in the routine. Well, she's one of those adrenaline enthusiasts. So am I. I've never jumped out of an airplane and I do not plan to because I do not my parachute to open properly. But I like roller-coasters and my life has been like that. It's all ups and downs and roundabouts. It never goes the way I plan. But that's perfectly all right with me. I like surprises. But I am not left-handed. I am not exactly altogether right-handed, either, though. I am sort of a little bit of each -- ambidextrous. I scissor better with the right, stronger on the left. I can type equally well with both and play the piano with both and I can write with both but faster with the right (because I've had more practice). I use my fork better on the left but my spoon better on the right. And now that I am getting old and have a bit of a tremor, my left is steadier, so I pick up my tea with the left so that I will spill less on myself. But a friend of mine told me that was very rude. Tough darts! I would rather be thought rude for picking up my drink with my left than have tea all down my clothes!

1. A question for men on fighting adrenaline rush and testosterone?

Assuming you mean untrained people, since trained people do not fight (unless they have to, or it's done in the gym or dojo). I will give it a shot. 1) If the person's ego gets the better of him, very possibly. 2) Potentially, again, if it's regarding an ego issue. 3) Winning anything would make anyone make good, just ask Charlie Sheen. 4) Assuming you do not mean in a combat sporting event, potentially, if the person disregards jail time and injuries, or is immature about his ego. 5) The majority of men would prefer sex beyond anything, even eating and sleeping.

2. What is the latin word for adrenaline?

why adrenaline. narcan and caffiene are way more important

3. How do I prevent suffering from an adrenaline dump?

People who experience high level adrenaline are most likely lacking confidence in their fighting abilities. BUt you can be the most experienced fighter in the world and still feel that surge of energy which can either fuel you or break you. It's all about experience. Once you are experienced enough, you wo not feel the same intensity of adrenaline anymore but in order to do that you have to spar regularly on a daily basis ( ok maybe not that much but you do have to spar). BTW, you never mentioned if you want to fight in the ring or if its a street fight. if its a street fight, i would highly recommend to avoid it even if you have enough confidence to go through it. Just do not quit Martial Arts, it would be a shame.

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