My Computer Overheats and Crashes (to Desktop, Or Blue-screen) When Playing Games?

arrange air condition

1. I want to use the air-condition in my car everyday but I am afraid it may hurt my engine.?

It shouldnt do, it will cost you more in fuel though

2. how can i stop my dogs from chewing up my air condition wires?

Puppies do that because their baby teeth are growing and causes discomfort. Just like when a baby's teeth are growing out and the baby uses a teething ring. It soothes the pain. When puppies get older, they stop chewing on things (except for bones). Just as a baby gets older and stops teething :) Try buying them plenty of chew toys, etc. and see if that helps :)

3. How does central air condition work?

A thermostat is basically a simple switch controlled by a thermometer. When the room is not at the desired temperature the switch closes, completing the circuit. When the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat opens the circuit thereby shutting the unit off.

4. why is my 2006 chevy cobalt stalling when air condition on?

It sounds as though there is some kind of A/C compressor problem. Is there any squeaking/weird smells? If so, then this is likely. If not, then I would take it to a mechanic to find the source of your trouble.

5. Air condition problem in 2000 Ford Focus?

it may need regasing if you never had it done the gas only last about 4 yrs it cost about 45-55 not much may be less know winters coming plus they will check it if it has a leak

6. my air condition in my car suddenly stopped what could be wrong?

If the heater is gone too, it should be your fuse in the fuseblock. Under the dash, look and see

7. Troubleshooting Geo Prism Air Condition problem - what next?

If you only have 35 psi at the low side and the compressor is not running then you need to have the system charged. the pressure in an A/C system in psi is roughly equal to out side air temp or slightly higher when correctly charged so on an average 80 degree it will be 78-92 psi give or take a few psi. that is why in the winter time when it gets below freezing the a/c compressor will not come on(because freon contracts and the pressure drops in proportion with temp) No 35 psi at the low side on a 70 degree day with the compressor not running is way too low(opens the low side pressure switch to prevent the compressor from engaging and damaging the system).

8. On Shabbat day, practicant Jews can't use electricity? But then, what about elevators in very high buildings?

just stay in house the qustion wahat to do in hot summer without air condition?

9. how to clean air condition fan and coil?

Window unit, or central air? EDIT: Remove the shell of the unit, then wipe with a damp cloth

10. i bought new window air conditiona and water is collected in the back of air condition is that normal?

Yes it's normal, it's condensation, you need to slightly angle the unit so it drains to the outside

11. My air condition runs down battery.Why?

A 1977 truck and the air condition still works ? That belongs in the Guinness book of world records

12. I have a 2005 accent, the air condition indicator light does not work.?

It's probably the light itself is burned out. You would have to take off the dashboard/ instrument panel to fix it. It's probably not even worth it, as long as the a/c works I would not mess with it.

13. Can One Make an Air Condition With Water as the Working Fluid?

Sure- it is called evaporative cooling. Common out West

14. Which is better, air condition or fresh air from the window??

AC. I live in Florida, so any air from outside is muggy and not too mention HOT!

15. If you take your air condition vent and remove it from the dash of your car,?

Uh. . . .No. But because you are interested in this type of monkey business go look up "water injection".

16. I work at McDonalds, what can I do about not having any air condition at work?

carry one of those self fans that are handheld, if anything get the one that adds a little mist. if they have a problem with u doing that or having a fan, say u have a condition and they have to do something to make u more comfortable

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