On Front Wheel Drive Cars, Approximately How Long Do the Rear Brakes Last?

On front wheel drive cars, approximately how long do the rear brakes last?

On Front Wheel Drive Cars, Approximately How Long Do the Rear Brakes Last? 1

it has a lot to do how much braking you do. if you can i would replace all 4 wheels. that way you know you have good braking action

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are all1966 dodge dart front wheel drive? and why would only one wheel on the front left lock up?

In 1966, no one besides Saab had heard of front wheel drive. Your Dart is not Front wheel drive. I presume the problem is with the brakes. Power brakes and disc brakes were not that common in 1966, so many cars had brakes designed with 2 leading shoes to give them an advantage in stopping. This would provide extra braking in drive, but not reverse. Put your car on a hoist or at least a jack and see how the feft fron wheel spins.

On Front Wheel Drive Cars, Approximately How Long Do the Rear Brakes Last? 2

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My Halfshaft left front wheel drive one is stuck to the driveaxle. Help!?!?

Ouch! Never pull a half shaft out of a transmission. You will actually pull the CV joints apart inside the boots! The half shaft must be *pried out of the transmission using a one to two foot nail puller between the inner half shaft and transmission. Use a block of wood as a spacer if needed. There is a heavy snap ring on the outside diameter of the inner CV-Joint shaft that slides inside the transmission. *All of these instructions are assuming you've already popped the lower ball joint and pressed the outer CV-Joint back through the wheel bearing using a five ton three finger gear puller. Following these instructions is a must.

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is the kia soul is rear wheel drive or front wheel drive?

Front Wheel Drive. I would not recommend this car though. It is expensive and does not run well

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What is the point of a FWD (front wheel drive) car?

Front wheel drive cars tend to be a bit cheaper. The engine is based at the front and therefore the power does not have to travel far to get to the front wheels. They are cheap, simpler mechanisms and tend to have smaller engines and a smaller physical size. Rear wheel drive is better for larger cars in engine size and physical size. Also fwd tends to be a bit more economical as of the smaller engine and size

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My front wheel drive car vibrates A LOT when I start hitting 75MPH?

sure!, a bent rim will cause your car to shake depending on how bad it's bent

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87 honda civic front wheel drive making clunking noise in passenger side tire?

Yes it could. I just changed drive axles on my Kia and four days later it started doing the same thing. I took it back, he road tested it and told me that apparently he had gotten a bad axle. He called his supplier and had another one the next day. He told me I could drive it home, but I told him the LAST time I kept driving on an axle doing that, it finally broke something off INSIDE the transmission--throw away the car. The next axle did fine. A friend told me his opinion that the supplier had given my mechanic a junk axle instead of a genuinely rebuilt one. A genuinely rebuilt one has new bearings if the old ones were pitted or worn, and is freshly greased. Just an opinion, but...be careful out there! Best regards, Mike

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I want to turn my front wheel drive civic into a rear wheel drive. What would I have to do? ?

If you are asking here, despite the knowledge that some of us have you are in the wrong place. You are talking total custom fabrication as Honda has only 2 vehicles that it currently sells that are RWD and they do not share any components with a civic. Find another project, this one is very technical and laughable as well.

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On a front wheel drive (fwd) vehicle, do you put the best tires in the front or rear?

Better tires always go on the rear, whether FWD, AWD, RWD or 4WD, doesn t matter. Always put the better tread on the rear

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Replacing 2 tires on a front wheel drive car?

Yes and no, it depends on your goal. Yes putting the new tires on the front would be best if having the best traction is what you want. On the other hand replacing the front tires and not just the back ideally would require a front end alignment if not a rebalancing of the partially worn front tires. Just swapping the front tires without verifying the alignment could mean the tires wear unevenly and wear out sooner if not cause additional problems such as improper rear tire wear. Just replacing the back tires in this case sounds like it saves money in the long run, not to mention time.

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