Production Tutorial of Test Bench Power Supply

Step 1: collect all necessary materials!

You need some build components.

The following is a list of all electronic components:

Switch (I use 7, including 3 jumpers and connectors)

Rotary switch


6 terminals

Voltmeter and ammeter (I use dsn-vc288 display)

USB port


10W 50 ohm resistance

1 quarter watt 100 ohm resistor

2 quarter watt 330 ohm resistance

1 quarter watt 1000 ohm resistor

Other things you will need:

Use the appropriate power cord ATX power supply (obviously lol)

Soldering iron


Shrink tube


Correct wood cutting tools (saw, chisel, hammer, grinder, etc.) [adult supervision recommendations]

Step 2: measure the dimensions of your components and supplies and prepare the layout!

After collecting the parts, you need to make a layout so that each part can be placed neatly on the supply.

This step is painful. If you want to avoid problems, here are some suggestions:

Use appropriate tools

Use suitable high-quality wood

Do not overcrowd the layout

Be sure not to place parts on the edge of the panel

After some attempts, I was able to make the correct layout and the final cut. My design includes a large front panel, two smaller side panels and a top panel to fix the panel and provide a location for components. If you want to follow my layout, please check the video.

Most likely, your supply will have a different structure from mine. It will be better if you make the right calculations and your own layout.

Step 3: get some basic knowledge!

When handling high AC and DC voltages, you need to carefully repair the power supply.

Check whether the power supply works normally by connecting the power supply to the main power supply and then connecting the green wire with the black wire. The fan should start working.

Before turning on the power, turn off the main power supply and connect the green and black wires together again. You will see the fan work for 1-2 seconds and then turn off. This is because there are huge capacitors there. This step is critical to your safety.

You will see different wires flowing out of the power supply. I suggest using Google to search the color code of each wire.

I explained this clearly in the video. You can watch it and get all the knowledge to complete the project in 10 minutes.

Step 4: separate the wires.

I cut short the white, blue, gray and purple lines, then separated them with shrink tubes and stuck them in a corner.

None of this is useful, or the current provided is too little to be useful.

The remaining wires: red, orange, yellow, brown, black and green are led out from the front and tied together to prevent them from falling again.

Then I put the power back together.

I have reason to do all the wiring outside. There is a high risk of internal short circuit and a large number of wires leading to disordered welding. It is also very suitable for beginners. The board looks beautiful and can survive for many years.

Step 5: make a correct schematic diagram.

My schematic diagram is very simple and clear.

I explained the schematic diagram in the video very clearly. I suggest you check the video.

Just look at the schematic diagram and it's easy to understand what's happening.

Step 6: Welding

This is a difficult step, but you should have no problem with the schematic at hand.

Just make sure you don't tangle with wires and do everything step by step/ p》

In my video, I made a montage of all welding steps with some NCS music. It will give you a clear idea. Go and have a look!

Step 7: paste everything

Hot glue is the best!

Hot glue is always like charm. Fix the board with a large amount of glue and any components or wires to make the wiring neat and easy to understand.

Step 8: reward step: add watch strap

I added another top panel of the same size behind the first one and screwed in and hot glued a tape to make the supply transportable.

Step 9: enjoy your supply

Well done, you just made your own lab bench power supply!

It provides basic voltage. Every beginner needs electronic equipment, and can also provide high current, which can not be matched by weak charger or battery.

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