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When is the best time to pack for hospital stay and what items to bring.....? im 30 weeks preg.?

Haha me too ! well officially 30 weeks tomorrow. I think its best to be prepared, its never to early in my opinion. I have the bag i am taking with a night gown for me. You are supposed to be as comfortable as you can after, especially if you get a C-section. I just need some slippers to put in it. I have two outfits for my baby, different sizes since i dont know if he will be bigger or smaller. (One newborn size and one Preemie size) I've read that you can take snacks or a favorite book or magazine for you to pass time. A camera if you want to take pictures, and the hospital provides diapers for you. Oh! a comfortable pair of undies and a nursing bra . At 30 weeks we are kinda close, most babies are born at 38 weeks some at 36.Sometimes the doctors are off by a week or more. I hope this helps , and good luck .

If John Kerry hates this country so bad. Why don't he pack his billion dollar wife up an leave.?

He is a true patriot- but not of this country

Shop Online for the Best Folding Bikes-Buyers Guide 2021 2

Do you think Rockstar should release a crazy weapons/vehicles DLC pack for GTA IV?

No they should not . GTA IV took a realistic approach with this game and did a good job at keeping it realistic, so why would they add all that novelty stuff like tanks and such. Leave the kiddy stuff to Saints Row and old GTA games. PSN ID: SouthSide2145

What kind of clothes should I pack for an Alaskan cruise in September?

You should bring some heavy clothing, as it's pretty cold up there even during that time of the year

What shud i pack for cheer camp?!? 10 POINTS!!!?

a sandwich, jello, cupcakes, pudding, bascially things that are cool, you will be outside probably and be hot. oh and lots and lots of water!

I Lift weigts because i want to maintain my six pack PLZZ ANSWER?

hehe, just keep those gym shorts on. Take the T-shirt off if you like

will a bad coil pack make my car run hot or overheat?

If it ran fine and now, it's not working after spark plugs were changed, my guess is the spark plug wires are on wrong

where can i find how to pack and what and how much can i take on plane?

go to the tsa website liquids going in your carry on bag must be 3oz. or less and in a 1qt. clear plastic bag. Your carry on bag must be able to fit in the overhead compartment or under your seat, so a small suit case should fit.

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