Simple Question About Wiring Up a Water Heater?

Any exposed wiring can be dangerous given the right circumstances. For example, lets say your child finds the area to be a "cool spot" to play for a few minutes and the green screw grabs his attention, maybe trying to pretend he is changing its color by pouring his soda on it, thus causing the 220 volt circuit to short to the green ground screw. May sound impossible , but it has happened!

Simple Question About Wiring Up a Water Heater? 1

1. Instant Water Heater takes a long time to kick in?

Your instant on heater has coils of piping inside kind of like a radiator. all the water in them has to be heated before it gets to your faucet. So you need to move all of that water plus the water that is in the many feet of piping between your heater and the faucet. 2 minutes is not a long time considering how much money you are saving with the instant on heater

2. GE 40 galllon Smart Water Heater?

I really do not know but William may be right. That's not a problem though because even if that's true, when you get back & turn your water heater up again, it will only take about a1/2 hour or so to reheat your whole tank

Simple Question About Wiring Up a Water Heater? 2

3. can a hot water heater cause a fire?

I would suggest leaving 3 ft perimeter around your water heater if it is electric. If it is gas fired, leave a 6 ft perimeter You can have a situation which may make a fire more likely....... Also, a water heater may leak when the tank fails and all your belongings will become waterlogged.

4. What is that smell coming from water heater venting?

It's the 'new' smell that will shortly go away after the venting gets hot a few more times. Papaw

5. What is a good water heater brand for big houses?

I get mine at Home Depot, and I get the best one that they have. Never have a problem with them

6. fuse keeps blowing for hot water heater?

This is not an infrequent problem with water heaters when a homeowner replaces the elements on their own. First, it's absolutely imperative that you fill the tank completely to the top and bleed out whatever air is trapped up there by turning on a couple of faucets upstairs. Just to be sure the elements are good, take a wire off each one, get your ohmmeter and check across the two screws on the elements. You should show 12.3 - 12.7 ohms on each one. Anything higher or lower than those readings should be replaced. If you get one with a much different reading, touch one screw and then touch the tank with the other lead. If you get a 00. 0 that means theres a direct short to the water and the tank. That would be why the fuses keep blowing. Just as a matter of information, if you are using 4500 watt elements it takes a 30 amp fuse to hold them. If you are still using the 20 amp fuses they will blow one after the other

7. No hot water, water heater problem help?

Just carefully follow the instructions for lighting it again. It should tell you to wait between attempts of lighting. You may have blown the clogs out. If it still wo not light, call a pro. Gas do go BOOM!!!

8. Average life span of a water heater?

i had a water heater that lasted forty years in Boise Idaho, i did not buy it, it came with the house when i bought it. worked fine for the six years i lived there. but when i sold the place the buyers wanted a new one so i gave and bought one. the thing had to be hauled up the basement stairs and had to have weighed four hundred pounds, must have been sand in it. anyway the one i have now will be twenty years old this summer. these people are just milking you. tell them your bargaining is over and buy or get out. if keep giving in when they have their first house party you will the brunt of all the jokes they tell about the deal they got on the price

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