Why Aren't Modern Playgrounds Built in the Shade?

The sun kills germs. Germs thrive in the shade and dark cold. Sun hits the playground equipment and wah-lah. That's why I always opt for the outdoor playground equipment instead of the ones inside the malls. Those are just crawling with germs and bacteria! Try taking your little one to the park after waking and before the sun goes down. You also might try bringing a large beach unbrella to stick in the ground for a nice cool sitting area and place to pic-nic

1. Does it hurt grass or plants to water them in full sunshine?

depends on the plant. beans for example, need full sun, they prefer full sun, it's required for it's greenness and ability to produce the beans. while bermudagrass would be a better choice for full sun locations. --and-- Choosing Lawn Grass Seed gardening.yardener.com/.../PlantsandSeeds/ChoosingLawnGrassSee... - CachedTo choose the appropriate grass for your lawn, evaluate the amount of light falling on different turf areas over the entire day. Full Sun - A site that ..." anyways, I would say that grass normally gets both even shade and sun. grass does not really mind it as long as there is both. if you have too little shade over it and the color of the grass changes, then what you should do is plant a tree to provide shade and even one tree should do it or a few in a line to help cover the area depending on how big the area is. the sun will move the shaded part/s over the grass so it can help cool. water helps everything cool down in the hot sun too, so you may not need a tree, just more water, but if you wish to conserve, then back to the tree planting idea.

2. What was the last football game you went to?

Sun., Oct. 19, 2008 Indianapolis Colts. It was a rough year for the Packers with a season that ended in 6-10. But we won that one! Against a tough team too!.Score: 34-14

3. Has the world ever made a machine trying to send out a signal to reach someone in space?

The simple answer is 'Yes', we did. The means employed is called 'Radio' transmissions. Do not sound so esoteric in your question. Radio is by now a commonplace method for communicating both terrestrial stations and into Space (within& without the Solar system). The point to be paid attention to, is the very 'finite', nonzero time the communications(or the message) travels, spanning any thing between a half a dozen years to a few million years. It is so because these waves like light are on the same electromagnetic spectrum travelling at the ultimate speed of 300,000 km/s. Another back-breaking point to ponder is the strength of the signal at the point of reception (if 'we' are transmitting - 'they'; or if 'they' are transmitting 'us'). Imagine a star that can be far more luminous that we can not even look at it without getting blinded (at a safe distance comparable to 1AU) than Sun that appears to us like a cool, pleasant dot of bright blue (or Orange or Red) in the Sky. Try to figure out how many quadrillion (my guess) times that its light Energy got subdued or reduced ('Attenuated' as scientists in the field say). The same way the radio signals get attenuated also. And we are sure that we can not match even a dwarf star to send the humongous amount of energy or power (how fast that energy is sent), even if we transform the whole Earth (a tiny thing in Cosmos) to an energy radiating 'Star'. The messages we embedded the plaques on board Pioneer or Voyager are but a child's play. We, the Earthlings have absolutely no idea as to what that 'extra-terrestrials' are going to be. It is highly presumptuous to deem them as us, with eyes and who can read and write. That is if ever they get our messages which might die out to zero soon after leaving the Solar system; and send us a reply so as to reach us after a few thousand years at an optimistic estimate. It is better we try out with nearby systems like Alpha Centauri, Sirius, Epsilon Eridani, Procyon,Tau Ceti, Epsilon Indi - so that we can get some message within a life time, if there is a transponder or better still a huge radio reflector (like a sea of Mercury or Tin) on a nearby planet.

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