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If I had kids they would be home-schooled

1. How do you imagine your future?

1) I've got him. His name is Matthew Kenneth and he's the moon and the stars to me. He's loving and nurturing. He adores kids (but jokingly swears he hates babies) and loves animals. He's passionate about his hobbies but always finds time for me. And he would do anything to make sure I am happy. 2) For the next ten or so years I would like to remain where we are in Illinois while we are focusing on school and getting our careers going. I would like to live in Missouri in the country in our dream house. I would like to have twenty to fifty acres of land to just live on in a decent size house. 3) It honestly depends on the day. I really want to be a RN and work as a school nurse, but the jobs are hard to find. I love animals and would love a veterinary career but I am not committed enough to drown myself in the debt of veterinary school. And I would love to be a teacher but they do not make squat here. 4) I would ideally like between three and six, all depending on life of course. I grew up in a large family and liked having a bunch of siblings. If I had six I would name them: Miles Kenneth "Milo", Eleanor Ruby "Elle", Silas Michael "Sy", Mira Annabelle, Isla Kate, and Matilda Evelyn "Mattie". 5) When I retire I would like to focus on my family. I would like to spend time with my kids and grandkids. I would also like to travel a bit and see the world.

2. Best nintendo games to introduce my kids to when there older cuz im having twins in February?

go for it. try to keep them away from online multilayer games until later on... kids these days go crazy over them..... distracts them from school etc

3. Similac Alimentum under 1 what milk is best over 1?

Go for lactose free milk. They have it at any grocery store in the dairy section. I read some disturbing things about soy milk causing hormonal problems with kids...I could be wrong

4. my son in the locker room?

Kids can be cruel. No one wants to be the butt of jokes. My first inclination was going to be to recommend that you write him a note getting him out of gym class, but running away will only make things worse. Remember when you had to change in the locker room? If there's anything at all different about you some asshat is going to make fun. Girls can be even tougher! Talk to the principal. And teach your kid to stand up for himself.

5. Why did games like COD and HALO start marketing to little kids and eventually ruin xbox live as a whole?

if you dont want kids on it pc game no kids can afford one of those

6. How do you teach your kids to understand and do Islamic worships like sholat, fasting in Ramadhan month, etc.?

Hi,we have designed a free booklet or journal to explain Ramadan to kids. Check it out as well as some other products on Ramadan Ramadan and Eid collection

7. Should I move? Living situation dilemma?

Move out on your own. Buy if you have the money, it;'s a great time to buy. Having your won space will make your chances of not being single much greater. Buying is always better than renting since you can get your money back out of the house if you decide to sell (lets say you meet a girl, get married, and have kids, you will need a new place. Get some equity into a place all your own and separate from your family. You will feel more grown up if you do

8. What are some foods that kids like to eat?

kids love chocolate, try get some chocolate bread that are filling

9. is it bad to buy name brand clothes and shoes for little kids?

No, It is not bad at all. It just means you dress him nicely, and do not go to thrieft stores for his clothes. There is nothing wrong with you dressing him nice. :) I know when I have kids I will dress them in name brand stores! :) -Baylie

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