Cooperation with Japanese pioneer


Brand: pioneer pioneer
Cooperative client country: Japan
Customer type: dealer
Where to reach customers: Exhibition
Products and quantities purchased by customers: windows packaging of earphones Monthly turnover of 400,000 RMB, so far turnover of 3 million RMB.

3 years ago,pioneer dealers got to know us through the exhibition . At that time, their packaging products had been criticized for being not sunproof, which would turn yellow and change color after a long time,also the PET film of their windowing packaging has the problem of scratches easily.

After contacting us, we immediately cooperated with our industry partners to find the ink which satisfy the needs of customer. Through cyclic test,we finally solved the problem of yellowing and discoloration of products.In addition, we also find the key to solve the scratches easily problem of the PET film.We use a special surface treatment technology for PET film, which makes it has higher abrasive resistant and scratch resistant.It solves the negative effect of friction on products in the process of transportation.

Up to mow, pioneer still reliance on us and keep a close cooperation with us.

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