Baiyun cardboard-box factory introduction to multiple elements catalytic corrugated carton paper and paper products market

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-27
Industry is growing rapidly and low concentration, the high quality enterprise greatly expand space of middle-grade corrugated carton industry business services, including design and manufacture of printing is the main downstream home appliance it and food consumption of large enterprises. The large customer order as the national consumption ability increases greatly increased. At the same time, the current domestic corrugated carton industry concentration degree is extremely low, high quality enterprise is with the product and service, the rapid expansion increment grab the big customer's order. Corrugated carton for upstream cost is difficult to control the corrugated carton industry concentration degree is low, but in the upstream corrugated/carton board base paper industry concentration is quite high. When prices trend obviously, bibcock and medium and small paper mills are willing to push up the paper prices, and increase inventory wu contract-signing process paper dealers actively, terminal customers in a panic psychology have to speed up the purchase, this leads to the cartons enterprises face the upstream ( Paper manufacturers and distributors) The relatively weak in price. Polarization of downstream demand, high-end customers will accept elastic pricing at present our country higher corrugated carton for signs of the polarization. On the one hand, more and more high-end customers are in urgent need of high quality corrugated carton and additional services, and can provide such products and services vendor capacity increment but with no such incremental market demand; Many low-end customers, on the other hand, only need to 'container can hold things', to the quality of the corrugated carton and the additional services, without any requirements for this kind of market demand increment limited and the threshold is not high, demand too much supply. High-end customers themselves good profit ability makes them less sensitive to carton packaging costs, plus the customer urgent need for high quality carton and services, their willingness to accept price elasticity is higher. And low end users, the market competition homogeneity, malignant price war has become the only result. Lead to low end the market gross margin is generally low. Economic transition catalyzing the evolution of the high-end customer demand for carton enterprises with China's economic transformation, the high-end customer itself business a number of major changes: one is with the improvement of domestic residents' consumption ability, the original export mainly to domestic industry gradually; Second, all kinds of product update speed, zero inventory management and rapid logistics become rigid demand; Three is due to the rising cost of coastal areas and inland demand is growing fast, within the manufacturing industry is the trend of The Times. The transition of the high-end customers also has given rise to new requirements of corrugated box enterprise. First because the remote logistics volume is more and more big, the customers on the carton packing pressure moisture and other physical indicators are increasingly demanding. Second customer itself has also increased the competition and cost control for carton printing fine, timely delivery, logistics optimization, and save additional services such as scheme of inventory demand. Moreover, inland manufacturing customers often require cooperation with his many years of supporting the cartons enterprises can follow their open to mainland factory, the corrugated carton enterprise poses challenges the speed of opening a new factory. Finally, many across the country set up the production line of large enterprises are increasingly integrated procurement corrugated carton, to gradually give up the original parts procurement, and turned to look for suppliers of national unity, to ensure that the carton strength, printing effect and the service quality coordinated. So widely throughout the country carton layout to the leading enterprises in the high-end customer order proportion will be more and more big, has the strong stronger.
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