Baiyun cardboard-box factory main factors influencing the compressive strength of corrugated carton have?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-27
Corrugated carton compressive strength evenly under dynamic pressure refers to the pressure testing machine to the maximum load and deformation of casing damage. Shenzhen cardboard-box factory below about what are the main factors influencing the compressive strength of: 1. Carton is composed of different levels of paper, paper reasonable collocation is the guarantee of the basic conditions of carton compressive strength. Through the paper physical properties of different levels of the test, we can preliminary calculation carton compressive strength, then calculate the compressive strength, the production process of carton compressive strength of various process control. 2. The ring crush strength of paper is the key to ensure the carton compressive strength, but the paper to other physical properties also nots allow to ignore. Paper tensile strength is not enough, especially the leng paper carton on the compressive strength and deformation tests will be a steady additive, a high end value and effective value is low, body deformation after test such as the accordion. Paper waterproof properties is also very important, especially for cooler paper waterproof performance requirements higher, though sometimes the cartons compressive strength is very high, but as a result of the paper is not waterproof, carton stored in a freezer is easy absorption of moisture, cause collapse library. 3. Carton packaging production process will be against the impact strength. Through the experiments, under the same conditions, widen the carton of horizontal line pressing each 1 mm, carton compressive strength of 90 n and 130 n, the deformation increase about 2 mm. Line pressing too wide, can cause the carton to test the compressive strength increase slowly, effective value is small, the final deformation is big. In order to ensure the compressive strength, we should try to improve the production process, reduce the influence on the compressive strength of the carton in each process. 4. According to the carton box to choose the appropriate type stare blankly is also key. In people's mind, tend to think the stare blankly type, the greater the carton of the higher the compressive strength, easy to overlook the leng's influence on the deformation. Stare blankly type, the greater the carton of the compressive strength, the greater the deformation is larger; Stare blankly type is smaller, the cartons compressive strength is smaller, the smaller the deformation. If the carton is too big, stare blankly type is small, the carton compression test is easy to be crushing; Type carton is too small, stare blankly is very big, caused the compressive test, the deformation process of buffer, an effective value and eventually force deviation is too large. 5. Water effect on the compressive strength of the carton can not be ignored. Carton production environment, storage environment, using the environment, weather, climate and other factors will affect water content of the cartons, in order to ensure the carton compressive strength, should try to avoid the external environment the influence of water content on the carton.
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