Baiyun cardboard-box factory share how to make the design of packaging and printing is more marked

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-28
As the world's largest commodity producer and exporter, has a huge market in China, so it is the world's fastest growing and largest, the most potential packaging market. Has become the second only to the United States, Japan after the third packaging superpower. Relying on strong driving force of China's manufacturing industry, China packaging gross industrial output value reached 860 billion yuan, 2008 yuan, and will gradually become the world's packaging industry development and market development center. Packaging design has not only ACTS as a protector of the product function, has a positive role in promoting, with the fierce market competition in recent years, more people are trying to make it play a role. Packing should be have the effect of sales promotion, first of all need to be able to attract the attention of consumers, because only get the attention of consumer goods has the potential to be purchased. Packaging, therefore, to use novel and chic modelling, thunder-and-lightning colour, beautiful and exquisite design, each has the characteristics of the material can make the packaging appears eye-catching effect, make consumer a saw it, and generate strong interest. Packaging and printing of strange shape, novel can attract consumers' attention. Bottle shape, for example, the general is given priority to with the cylinder, some bottles using imitation modeling, design into a complex anchor shape or form, in a batch of cylinders, rectangle shape bottle, can appear very outstanding, beautiful. Color is the most likely to feel, color is decided to the first element of sales, some color as packaging of products, will influence the sales of the products, gray is one of them. Because the gray is difficult to make a person enchanted, natural hard to impulse buying. Red, blue, white and black is 4 big sales of coloring, in red, for example, it is the maximum number of image, and it is the sun, fire and blood and the life has the strongest relationship of the image, therefore, red is the most easy to make people excited, as a sales coloring can cause consumers favor and interest. Packaging design should give priority to in order to foil the brand trademark, fully shows the characteristics of the brand trademark, make consumers from phonetic alphabet and the overall packing design can immediately identify products, especially the famous brand products and famous brand shops, trademarks marked on the package can immediately attract consumers. Packing material change also arouse people's attention, the company production of porcelain gifts, to do with corn husk plait portable set box packaging, made full use of the rural surplus labor, and make local cheap material folk characteristics, texture, elegant handicraft packaging, than ordinary carton packing is more artistic.
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