Baiyun cardboard-box factory tell carton, carton packaging, packaging cartons, what is the difference between three corrugated carton?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-27
In carton of carton, carton packaging, packaging cartons, what is the difference between a corrugated carton, carton: 1, the carton is the most widely used in the packaging at home and abroad, most a form of pack in the reason for this is that the paper material is generally easy to get, color variety, complete specifications, processing is convenient. 2, the carton design easy to destroy, easy to recycle, and can guarantee the stability of product quality, reasonable price, easy processing and therefore is widely welcomed by society. 3, carton classification: according to the geometric shape classification are square, circular, cylindrical, triangle, diamond, trapezoid, spherical packing, etc. According to analog form a fan, peach, orange, goldfish, cars and aircraft simulation, and many other natural forms of packaging. Second, carton packaging: usually used for commodity package material or item to protect the outer use material. Carton size change, due to the size of the goods the cartons there are usually 'handle with care', 'keep dry', 'up' and 'stacking limit', 'fear of the sun', 'moistureproof' 'quality safety' 'no roll' 'on' 'pay attention to the fire' 'breakable' 'green environment' 'can't stand the heat' 'food' 'anti odor,' and so on a variety of tips, protection from harm packed commodities. Three, packaging carton: in the process of circulation, carton packaging, the product is for the protection products, convenient storage and transportation, and promote sales, the paper box for packaging products. Carton packaging is the most widely used a way of packing. Difference in wooden cases, woven bag packaging, bag packaging, plastic packaging, carton packaging with easy materials, light weight, easy printing, design, molding and low cost etc. , widely used in product sales packaging and transport packaging. Four, corrugated carton: corrugated board after die cutting, indentation, nail box or box made of corrugated carton. Corrugated box is a kind of the most widely used packaging products, consumption has been the first of all kinds of packaging products. Including calcium plastic corrugated carton. Packing method can reduce the number of new scroll, so that it can improve production efficiency. Shenzhen hengda cardboard-box factory specializing in the production of carton packaging products for more than ten years, wholesale, custom packaging, color box, color box series design, wholesale high-grade hardcover box series, welcome to inquire thank a gentleman to: 18620126863, for more details about the cartons, please click on the url to view: http://www. tiancipackaging。 com/
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