Baiyun cardboard-box factory tell you color box packaging market in China will benefit from the high-end goods

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-28
Related to the survey, paper and cardboard packaging with total demand for 201 billion dollars in the global packaging industry accounted for the highest, the data will be increased to $250 billion by 2016. Among them, cosmetics, health products, tobacco products, such as the price of expensive luxury goods, increasingly require the use of novel creative design color box packaging, so that make their goods in the sales through packaging differentiation. And with the increase of demand for color packaging, the importance of color packaging carton industry is increasing day by day. Modern packing four materials ( Paper products packaging, plastic packaging, metal and glass packaging) , paper price is cheap, easy processing, raw material sources, qualitative light, non-friable, easy to degrade, and many other features more obvious, so widely used in daily life. In recent years, the packers in China has become a basic strategic pillar industry of national economy. Forward-looking industry institute released '2013 - In 2017 China's production and marketing of paper products packaging industry forecast demand and investment analysis report, packing gross industrial output value in China is 1 in 2012. 3 trillion yuan in the world's second, two of the country's GDP. Accounts for more than 40%, 67%, of which the paper industry is the first architectural industry of domestic packaging industry, at the top of plastic packaging, glass packaging and metal packaging before. From the point of enterprise requirements of different cartons categories, choose cigarette and the smoke target accounted for 18%; Wine box and food accounted for 46%; Medicine and health care products box accounted for 48%; Cosmetics box accounted for 25%; Accounted for 30% of household appliances and electronic products box, cosmetics, cigarettes, and the pharmaceutical industry demand for color packaging cartons will grow faster. Increased demand for high-end printing packing box is the corrugated carton packaging industry maintain a high growth rate, the main reasons for the exquisite structure design of packaging and printing will greatly attract customers attention. Than in the United States, high-end color box packaging industry development in our country and the development of high-end gift box demand does not match, is mainly due to the design of a variety of color box packaging need to employ more Labour, escalating advanced machinery also needs a large number of experienced operators to operate, it is put forward for the strength of the enterprises in staff management challenge, virtually formed a high-end color box packaging industry's soft power threshold. Otherwise the enterprise high profit margins will be offset by internal management fee rate, loss of market competitive advantage. Consequently grasp advanced production, brand management, especially have rich experience of human resource management of enterprises can with its strong production capacity to form their own comparative advantages; And some have the manufacturer of economies of scale and the vertical line at the same time more can use its mode of group purchase, upstream procurement cost effective control, and form a competitive cost advantage in the industry, occupy the market profit space of high-grade color box packaging. Color box packaging, high-end customized determines the characteristics of its downstream customers is mainly composed of cosmetics, consumer electronics, medicine, leading sectors such as consumer goods. These leading enterprises on the one hand, order quantity is larger, on the other hand the color box supplier delivery speed, supporting services and quality details, etc, have higher requirements, especially the international consumer electronics such as apple, samsung, different phones edge design and mobile phone chargers with parts in the design such as size, thickness, shape, the nuances of the, make the color box manufacturers need a lot of effort, again in detail processing aspect and consumers in the u. s. , that may occur at any time on the market, the short time replenishment requirements for manufacturers in large stable customer brought a big challenge. The high degree of dependence on color box packaging this Labour of the industry, are real problems. Therefore, able to efficiently manage numerous human resources, in order to gain more high-end customers favor for a long time, is the color box packaging enterprise's core competitiveness.
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