Baiyun cardboard-box factory tell you the difference between corrugated paper and kraft paper

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-27
Paper for our made great contribution to human civilization, for paper, all of us is not strange, small items to the notebook paper, there will be a special toilet paper, all in all, the paper in our life is very widely used. Actually corrugated paper and kraft paper, difference is very big, because this is two different types of paper. Here, a brief introduction of the difference between corrugated paper and kraft paper. Corrugated paper is passed by liner paper and corrugated rod processing and the formation of a waveform corrugated paper glue them into a plate. Corrugated paper can be divided into five kinds of different types, compared with kraft paper, corrugated paper has a lot of their own advantages, corrugated paper cost is relatively low, and the quality of corrugated paper are comparatively light, and corrugated paper processing is simple, the requirements of the processing technology level is not high, there is also a feature is the strength of corrugated paper is greater, storage and handling these more convenient some. Compared with kraft paper, corrugated paper, cattle paperboard application scope is more extensive, for example, is often used in printing and packaging plant, a cardboard-box factory and was clothing factory packing paper, food packaging, etc. And cattle paperboard is also one of the indispensable material printing, overall, than kraft paper, corrugated paper in relatively extensive application. Carton paper, one is the 'skin', one is the 'core'. Corrugated board paper also called kraft paper, is one of the main kinds of paper carton paper. Kraft paper, it must be strong, burst and ring crush strength and tear strength, moreover also has the high water resistance. Corrugated board paper USES, primarily with adhesive made from corrugated carton, corrugated paper core used for packaging of household electrical appliances, daily provisions, knit fabric, cultural goods, packing of Chinese and western medicine. Corrugated base paper is one of an important material in the production of corrugated board. Corrugated base paper for fiber bonding strength is good, smooth paper, good tightness and stiffness, requires a degree of elasticity that made to ensure that the cartons with shock and compression capacity. Also known as the corrugated paper core. Is a corrugated board corrugated core raw materials used in the paper. Corrugated paper and kraft paper, each have each advantages, also each have shortcomings, we should give full play to the advantages of corrugated paper and kraft paper, the applications of their advantages to our production and life. For the shortcoming of corrugated paper and kraft paper, we will try to avoid. Good use of corrugated paper and the kraft paper, they used in production.
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