Black and white picture album printing process is what kind of specific operating mode is what

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-07
Now there are a number of enterprises will be printed album, this is in order to promote the enterprise culture, in the enterprise propaganda album, there are a lot of black and white picture album. Gift printing below to introduce what is black and white picture album printing process, the specific operating mode is what? Black and white picture album printing 1. Design and production, Scheduling) Based on printing project for document writing, design, layout planning, etc. , is to make the manuscript preparation procedures, as well as arrange photography and illustrations drawn, contact between different cooperate with manufacturers to coordinate travel arrangements, so that the various elements. 2. To make the manuscript ( Electronic manuscript) According to the first draft of layout planning, the copywriter, photographs and illustrations, correct position with the correct color label, sequentially arranged out in the paper or in electronic format processing complete manuscript, and clearly indicate the special requirements of the special requirements of process instructions, this is the front plate. 3. Production output and plate making work come into the process finished, pictures with electronic color separation machine scanning color separation, text, line with black and white photos, rushed out of the right of a network of ( Printing dot) And text, illustrations, etc. According to the instructions of the manuscript on the puzzle, and then printing operations, then print out color proofing could check back to the designer's hand. Such as electronic manuscript processing, need to center the output film, printing remind everybody, be sure to fill in lost work order or instruction sheet, clear instructions output line number, and color, monochrome pages, presence of word-formation and specification number, etc, to avoid communication error, cause needless loss. CTP plate-making technology in recent years at home more to printing factory application, greatly reducing the output film and film cost, also shortened the plate making of time! Black and white picture album printing 4. Proofread assignments ( Check) This is the last step before printing, is to check the color proofing is in compliance with the manuscript in the indicated program, have a color correction and other correction must be especially careful when using red pen to write a literal interpretation of the specific and easy to understand outline or location, right across to plate making personnel, so as not to cause unnecessary losses. 5. Four-color printing job will fix good mesh sun into print edition, on the printing machine, began to formal printing. If you want to get the ideal printing on printing machine products, the first thing to understand printing factors, because there are many variables, to an extraordinary effect on printing quality, therefore, must have certain of these factors and fully understanding. 6. Binding, processing work propaganda ( Public relations) Brochures, catalogue, brochure, etc. , commonly known as the last procedure of DM, print, is binding processing, single plane type is used most commonly cutting and line pressing, folding, etc. , as for binding, according to the number of pages, paper type, fine degree and use and purpose. Saw the introduction of the above, we already know what is black and white picture album printing process. Black and white picture album printing, are in accordance with the above process to operate.
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