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by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-08-14

binding, we common binding methods such as rotation, ancient feeds, organ outfit, wireless binding, saddle stitching, lock line binding, hardcover collection level, special binding, loose-leaf, double coil, etc. , these binding method commonly used in any scenario, and what kind of, the following gift packaging take you simply introduced. We usually see picture scroll binding, calligraphy, and other forms of packaging work is scroll binding with the characteristic of Chinese traditional culture, the need when reading, and after reading can roll up collection, this is a very old form of mounted. In modern technology type of printed matter, stylist USES the decoration design, is in order to fully show the characteristics and unique cultural connotation of packaging items, scroll binding is divided into horizontal and vertical loading, use of material and mounted process are fastidious. Ancient feeds a very a binding form of China, the main use of cotton or silk finishing the good book about 10 mm from the spine to book core drilling, threading into again. Ancient feeds are generally used for books and patterns on the ancient text books. Many ancient line also adopts the traditional text and vertical placement method, and the more ancient paper material such as rice paper. Ancient line is characterized by simple elegance, dignified and Manfred wong, in book binding design, combined with the ancient feeds in the form of a unique meaning more culture belongs to the sense of form. The assemble is also known as & other; The organ throughout the &; After the printing paper cut into thin strips, adopt the skinny about folding folding into hands. All connected adhesive slits books again. The folding of the difficulty lies in the adhesive connection, because a few need all done by hand. Before and after the may cause in the town of slightly not hand up and down several not neat, or fold the side seam can't consistent, cause waste or defective goods. Therefore, decided to adopt adhesive connection by folding before, to feel more process details. : riding with saddle stitching is now the most commonly used a lot of books, is also the most common way of binding. Binding when the page is split in two, 'book order along the raphe. Used for slim or thickness less than 5 mm general journals, brochures, newsletter, product catalog. Wireless binding wireless binding is refers to between the inside pages, and spine with hot melt adhesive, and cover the spine set of glued together binding method. Inside pages of the paper is mainly used for printing number is larger, g on the brochure, under 157 g / ㎡ mechanization for assembly line. Lock line binding for more thick books, books inside pages order of reinforcement for adding, book cannot only depend on the adhesion between the fixed, need locking wire reinforcement. Lock line is in spine face the inside pages with woven wire method from top to bottom seam locking, with hot melt adhesive, make bookbinding more firmly. Collection level of hardcover commemoration, more expensive and collection of books, painting class album, classic and high-grade picture album, gift books, mostly use the hardcover collection level. In popular parlance, hardcover collection level refers to the inside pages format design, cover material, process and binding method are very important in binding. Unlike ordinary hardcover, hardcover collection level have the outer packing, and external packing requirements more fashionable, delicate and has a certain weight. The use of internal and external design and process technology, collection level hardcover brings out the venerable feeling. Special binding books design and binding method not to follow a fixed pattern, graphic designers, according to the content of the printing works for many with a new creative and pioneering style and distinct features, such as a large variety of books published in recent years, the new book has been constantly, abound. Form is about pack, pack, folding, etc. , also on the materials used, art paper, wood, metal profiles, PVC plastic, etc. , only unexpected, still not really can't do! Loose pack loose pack is the simplest form of binding. Each page can be comfortably get through. Unlike coil is installed, top punch number generally for three or four holes, binder materials are available in stainless steel and plastic two choice, after binding to any increase or decrease the number of pages. It is important to note that because most stainless steel material binder is thick, cover thick material is needed to make binder to strong support. For specialized technical training manual, and according to different customers choose different content of product catalogue, top binding is a good choice. Another sheet is composed of single or multiple screw and nut of form a complete set of molding. A single version of samples such as seen on the market of special paper volume, special material samples directory, etc. Many use this form. But only a single page fan through single, screw easily caused by loose part falls off phenomenon. Multiple versions, such as data volume, meeting materials or bidding book, etc.
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