Box classification and process of printing

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-26
The classification of box printing, many different printing process is somewhat different. Before printing box, and a series of process, such as the design draft is appropriate, whether text lines smooth, registering lines, such as colour standard is complete. Divine printing tell you about the content of the box printing. Box printing category 1, offset printing, commonly known as color printing, with film by printing-down machine development in pre-coating plate ( PS version) And then use offset press printed on the paper. 2, intaglio printing: general plastic printing, or reel of paper printing, printing a large number of packages or cigarette packs, magazines, etc. , give priority to with electric carving drum version. General printing coarse 3, screen printing, design, printing materials such as cloth, plastic, paper, carton board, print is net frame line is given priority to, we contact is used in the paper, such as printing UV oil, do the frosted effect, local UV glazing, etc. 4, flexo printing, watermark is with film on the resin version, rubber version of photosensitive corrosion or engraving printing pattern for printing. Box printing, offset printing cables and network: generally is 175 lines per inch, is often used in coated paper pictorial advertisement printing, poster board or surface is rough paper appropriate USES 150 line; High-grade picture album printing some use 200 line, 200 line printer requirements are generally flat, the piece is no problem, the key in the printing. Printing quotation ( Offset printing) : first of all, to understand customer's intentions, company, address, telephone, contact person. Then, ask whether to design and production, or as long as a film, proofing. Important be sure to ask the specification and quantity. 1, size, number, number of P. Number 2, printing. 3, paper, coated paper, dumb powder paper, white paper, offset paper, white cardboard, adhesive paper, non-carbon carbon paper, specialty paper. 4, color, color number: CMYK four-color, gold, silver, color. 5, after processing procedures: folding, compound membrane ( After light film, matte film) , hot stamping, Hot stamping area, iron blue gold or red gold) , indentation die cutting box ( All above 200 g paper to indentation, carton die-cutting die-cutting) to do , and paste, paste, paste boxes, pasting, light oil, polish, UV, E tile, etc. ; Binding ( A saddle stitching, : flat, wireless binding, feeds, hardcover, yukio okamoto, a circle, etc. ) ; Package delivery. Box printing box printing process before the paper box forming, need to work through a series of orderly printing: before printing, should pay attention to check the design draft for extra content; Text and line is complete; Check the registering line, color code, and various printing and cutting is complete with lines, etc. Only in this way, can improve the production efficiency, guarantee the smooth completion of the printing. Different packaging materials have different printing process, way of printing, paper box, there are many different methods of operation are different, the effect of the printed is different also. Using traditional printing method is mainly divided into the following four categories: letterpress printing, intaglio printing, lithographic printing, offset printing. Understand the classification of the box printing and the technological process, you will become more clear how to choose the suitable material and technology to production and printing box. Above is a heaven-sent printing for your introduction about box of related content.
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