Box printing process is what kind of box printing way have

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-26
Now there are a number of packaging design, printing company, if you need packaging, can be to customize these professional company. The following gift printing box gave you talk about what is the printing process, box printing way have? Box printing box printing process is what kind of 1, prepress: refers to the work of the early stage of the printing, generally refers to photography, design, production, publishing, film output, proofing, etc. 2, India and China: refers to the printing in the middle of work, through the printer printing process of the finished product. 3, after printing: refers to the printing of the late work, generally refers to the finishing of the print including glue ( Coated) , UV, oil, beer, hot stamping, hit convex, mounts, bookbinding, cutting, etc. , used for publicity and packaging printing. Box printing box printing way what 1, embossed printing relief printing that will print by pressure processing can make similar to the original manuscript, usually making objects are oil painting and so on. When printing, print the attached film, then good pressure plate making in advance, Is the original painting by photoengraving of concave and convex version) Pressure on the print work, can make the same as the original painting beautiful replica. 2, hot stamping silver foil way or wood or plastic surface and so on the front cover of the book often see golden font or pattern, its expression is required for hot stamping logo or made into convex type heating, and then in the print the color for aluminum foil is placed above, after pressure on the aluminum foil to be print, this work wonders, at the same time make the aluminum foil contact on the print, and never fade. 3, most used in magnetic printing magnetic printing for the check of securities, lest suffer effect of counterfeit, magnetic printing is called the MICR. Its main purpose is from 0 to printing 9 Numbers and symbols, such as below the check to the magnet powder mixed with ink printing such Numbers or symbols. 4, concave-convex embossing use pressure phenomenon, make the paper produces float protruding, of course, this is a feeling of elastic function of the paper. Two concave and convex model is necessary, a general method is placed convex type fixed on stage, and then a little heat, concave type from up to down, to produce concave and convex shape of the paper. There is relief printing, the printing method box that are widely used in the magnetic printing and concave-convex embossing. How small make up box printing process are introduced above, hope to be of service.
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