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by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-10
Baked goods to diversification, and combine with candy products, forming a series of new products. In terms of bakery and confectionery special ingredients, focusing on the combination of function and health elements. In addition, printing production technology and equipment update, improve the quality of the bakery and confectionery food. Became popular on packaging design convenient independent small packaging and gift box packaging. The future development should be the safety, health, nutrition, food, health care, return to nature, should be suitable for people in the pursuit of nutrition. In the early 1990 s nutrition for people put forward 'three low' high or low fat, low sugar, low salt, high protein, this also is baking, candy, the trend of product development. The food consumption have ten big trend, namely the exquisite flavor, convenience, the pursuit of fresh, very pay attention to health food, functional food, eat more fruits and vegetables, to eat for fun, such as the future development of baked goods should be suitable for people in the pursuit of nutrition. The global development trend of nutrition, health food, North America accounted for about 60%, Europe accounted for about 49% 50%, the asia-pacific region accounts for about 30%, the main is fat-free, low fat food, followed by low card, no sugar, low sugar food. 。
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