Brochures, magazines usually have those paper, specialty paper, the process knowledge

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-10-01
We can often see the advertising campaigns, there is a kind of pictorial' target='_blank'>printing publicity, how many friends for this understanding? Below is about the brochures, magazines usually have those paper, specialty paper, the process related knowledge of pictorial printing small, interested friends can see it together. Pictorial printing products relative to other products, process may be relatively complicated, in order to obtain better production effect, pictorial printing production process tend to use some special printing method, with inside pages usually use paper, coated paper and ivory cover often use laminating and hot stamping process. If requirements higher, will use the special paper, cover can do some special ink printing such as UV printing frosted and so on, the front transparent specialty paper are available, and let the higher grade! Today to make a printing with friends share small pictorial printing related knowledge. Brochures, magazines usually have those paper, specialty paper, the technology is available for the special printing printing paper material very much, for example: vegetable parchment used to make the picture album end paper, high-grade picture album of printing paper embossing, pressure paper, new type of composite paper and so on. Commonly used printing process: special paper thin paper for lithographic printing, thicker paper for screen printing and hot stamping technology. Common specialty paper introduced: 1. Embossing paper embossing paper adopts the method of mechanical embossing or wrinkled paper, on the surface of paper or cardboard into a concave and convex pattern. Embossing can be divided into registering embossing and not registering embossing two kinds. Most domestic embossing paper is made up of offset paper and white board paper to pressure. Surface is rough, have qualitative feeling, strong expressive force, wide variety. Commonly used to make the picture album or album cover, the cover page of printing, etc. , to express different design demands. 2. Patterned paper pattern paper as a high quality paper soft, colorful appearance, product more rich noble temperament, pleasing. Patterned paper can often make the designer's pictorial printing works to achieve the effect of icing on the cake. Patterned paper can be divided into brail paper, effect of archaize paper, special effect paper, coated paper, just the pattern paper, adopt a 'setting' pearl pattern paper, adopt a 'star' metal pattern paper, gold paper and so on. Pictorial printing process is introduced: brochures, magazines usually have those paper, specialty paper, those process, covering membrane righteousness: plastic mulch to print surface, and USES the adhesive after heating, pressure together, formation of paper, plastic processing technology of printed matter. ( In the surface coated with a thin layer of print polyethylene film) In class: coated beamsplitters and dumb two points: light membrane product surface bright, strong expressive force, for product class print; Matte film products covered surfaces not reflective, elegant, more used to image class prints suitable for: more than 200 g of paper, in solid color parts have crease process must use laminating process note: below 128 grams of paper after the single coated easy playing volume due to two different surface tension; Be dumb light membrane after print color saturation will be slightly down. Die cutting: set of righteousness: use steel knife, steel wire is arranged as a template, under pressure to print processed into the required shape process. The point: can produce special-shaped, strengthen the expressive force. Scope of application: applies to more than 157 g paper as raw materials of products, such as stickers, labels, gift box, printing related works of art, etc. Note: try to avoid close to the patterns of the ammonites tangent and line, easy to exaggerate the ammonites cutting error. Three, hot stamping/hot silver definition: thermal transfer printing, referred to as 'hot pad printing, commonly known as bronzing, hot silver. Is with the aid of a certain pressure and temperature make metal foil stamping on the print, the method of relative has a cold pad printing. Features: with metallic luster, gorgeous, make the printing pictures to produce a strong contrast. Scope of application: applicable to very prominent words or logo, usually for sample, greeting CARDS, invitations, calendars, desk calendar, etc. Note: with a convex or concave pressure process can produce more significant; Can use color in addition to gold and silver and Mosaic gold, laser light, the color can choose. Four, embossing righteousness: after use of carving metal roller pressure in the left full version of the paper surface grain texture point: common bond is used to implement the special paper, the effect of grain adornment sex is strong, unique style. Kinds of types: dream stone, a sense of mission, coarse grain, fine grain, crescent grain, sands, felt grain, leather grain, liwen, color XuanWen, striped, gold, leni riefenstahl, terracotta, preparation of lines, gold leaf veins, such as bamboo silking, quantity is various, the space is limited, the scope for commonly used texture: books and periodicals mounting, covers, cover, desk calendar, high-grade packaging, handbags, etc. Five, the convex set of righteousness: the convex template ( Yang template) Through the pressure, the picture album print surface imprinted into has stereo feeling embossment pattern ( Print locally convex, make have stereo feeling, the visual impact. ) Called the convex;
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