Cake boxes custom need to pay attention to what aspects?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-14
Believe that bought the cake friends all know, a lot of cake shop sells are packed in boxes of cake, the cake box compared commonly ordinary dull, can't add your contact information, etc. , want to solve these problems have to customize their own cake store or your own brand packing box, then we in the custom cake packing box of the process? What need to be aware of? The following packaging printing gift came to popularize it. A, cake box order process: 1, the structure of 2, 3 of choosing materials, designing the box type 4, appearance design 5, arrange delivery of the product in the 6, 2, what should pay attention to the packing box in the process of the custom? 1, when designing structure needs to take into account the weight of the cake, the size of the cake, this when choosing materials also need to pay special attention to, must use appropriate structure and materials. Main consideration is whether the strength of the material and structure can withstand the weight of the cake. Type 2, design box when considering does not occupy a volume does not occupy a space, because the cake shop in downtown, commonly special space is narrow, if cake packaging design takes up too much space doesn't have a place to store the cake box. Third, cake box printing need to pay attention to what issues? Now the domestic many paper factory environmental protection are not standard paper may have pollution, heavy metal exceeds bid, there is only one line of food grade of paper can make the cake box! After all, cake sometimes direct contact with the paper. If particularly poor paper may also volatile toxic substances, influence the quality of the cake! So just when selecting a material must choose special food grade paper, must use environmental protection soy ink printing words. Above is the printing gift for everybody introduction about process and points for attention during the cake packaging customization, if have what not understand place, may contact us at any time. Learn more about packaging printing, welcome to our company's website dynamic, more good article to share with you!
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