Cardboard-box factory, printing factory main pollution source and pollution treatment

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-21
A cardboard-box factory, printing factory main pollution source and pollution treatment, printing materials, printing materials mainly include printing ink, chemical solvents, tape, rubber roller, tipping paper, adhesive paper, etc, and the most polluted to ink, traditional ink composition contains PAH is a kind of volatile solvent printing film, harmful to human body. Containing volatile organic compounds not only increase the atmospheric pollution, will cause harm to human body. 2, printing equipment due to the equipment aging and failure or improper operation caused by the problems such as pollution of printing main harm the printing workers, in addition, in the pursuit of high benefit and use of sub-standard printing equipment will also cause environmental pollution. Three, printing, printing process a cardboard-box factory and was produced in the process of printing a lot of noise and odor will impact on the surrounding houses or other enterprise, and noise pollution and air pollution easy to trigger social conflicts. Four, India post-processing cardboard-box factory, printing in the printing process is completed, no processed directly to the sewage, wastes and discarded will cause serious water pollution and soil pollution, the main pollution sources and printing enterprise. Pollution treatment Suggestions, printing companies in the long run, don't cry because it is costly in the sight of pollution treatment technology is off, if the company was called off due to high pollution, it is really a 'pick up the sesame, lost watermelon', some do more harm than good. Printing equipment, which is the lifeblood of printing, printing equipment regular maintenance and troubleshooting is very important means of anti-fouling, prevent 'disaster'. Second, develop the pollution-free green printing materials, fundamentally eliminate the pollution of the environment. Among them, environmental printing ink's main has water-based ink, Uv ink and water-borne Uv ink three categories, the general development direction of the ink is ink development towards high performance and low pollution. Three, use environmental protection flexo and waterless offset printing technology. Flexible printing has a unique flexibility, economy, and good for environment protection, in line with the health standard for food packaging printing, it is also a flexible printing process in one of the reasons for the rapid development of foreign. Waterless offset printing version because they don't use embellish liquid, printing process does not produce waste liquor, is the printing system of environmental protection. The importance of the four, the location of the printer. Printing companies can be the site of factory on the outskirts, can effectively avoid noise pollution and air pollution to the negative effects of nearby residents, and there is enough space convenient and other wastes. Five, to set up the check list and accountability system, establish a pollution supervision department, regular inspection of pollution situation, the responsibility to the people, directly accountable to the problems, and the corresponding penalties. Sixth, strengthen the anti-fouling education of employees. Both printing technology and anti-pollution measures, practical men of action are printers, and anti-fouling consciousness of the workers and the degree of printing companies can't be ignored. Only employees for pollution control, security protection measures of execution. Continuing, culture in the spread, printing is a neverending and served as a role of industry, printing enterprises energy conservation and emissions reduction also will be a protracted war, both can guarantee performance and can strictly control the environmental pollution of enterprises, to be in an impregnable position in the game.
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