Cardboard-box factory producing high-quality corrugated carton, five key details

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-20
Cartons in this competitive industry, we can't forget the fact that we still have to understand how to manage the basic knowledge of the corrugated carton manufacturing, because still need printing, die cutting, notching, folding and paste corrugated cardboard, and its processing into a shipping container suitable for our generations. Perhaps methods change, such as production rate raised, but we are still in providing customers with reasonable design of corrugated carton. We should spend some time to discuss and review some important details: 1. Board thickness and losses in the process of manufacturing. 2. Ink management. 3. Angle of 4. Plate 5. Die cutting knife version management and understand the thickness of the cardboard board thickness is a very important topic. As we all know, 4. 3 mm stare blankly board is not always the 4 C. 3 mm. Sure to check each order on the stock inventory, whether from your own tile production line, or from the cardboard suppliers. Because in paper is often met in tile line condition, and with the continuous replacement of paper roll, paper grade changes. ( Note: to the tile line a lot of wet end of paper roll from all over the country several paper mills. ) Orders may begin with 35 # tissue to # 39 end of the paper, and vice versa. Because # 39 surface of paper is paper next or available. For tile line operators, typically within a single order to upgrade the paper, as a maintenance ECT, number of tools. This during the replacement of paper used as insurance policies, in order to ensure the performance of the carton, this can and will change in our printer Settings required pressure area. Please remember, in the process of machining, in the paper the printing area, the thickness of the cardboard could lose less than 0. 8 mm, possible loss in paper printing area 0. 16 mm. Should regularly check the status of each order. As quality inspection in the circle pressure circle die-cutting equipment processing, should be in into paper, cardboard and paper from counting the pop-up unit or storage unit for inspection. I believe that, due to the loss of the thickness of the cardboard without a detailed inspection, will loss a lot of money. When the ink management this may be our factory can execute quality inspection of the most important. Many factories to or ink color management does not have the right understanding. When our order will be shipped to the customer, if the order of printing color is different, the customer will return. Craft beer market is a good example. Due to sell special beer too much, so the corrugated packing is directly put on the shelf for the sale of beer, and to persuade customers to buy. But, the color of the packaging must be compatible with the color of the beer bottle labels. And, for now of all online shopping, any printed on the package must always remain consistent. For example, amazon is a company enjoys a good cargo business. It provides the Amazon and Amazon Prime. Amazon transportation fee, and on the box using black ink. Amazon Prime is not charge transport and use black and blue ink as a graph. This is to determine the company to provide a method of the type of service. Therefore, printing and color management will always is important and necessary part of the corrugated packaging business. Angle this is an area where always need to pay attention to. No matter you are using the flexo printing equipment, with a history of 15 years or a new design of flexo printing equipment, must ensure the cartons founder. Many customers to use automatic box production equipment, high-quality packaging and need to keep the square. We must make sure that packaging has always been a 'square' with the same size. If the feed zone of feed roller wear is not uniform, the carton may be irregular shape, then the order will be customer return soon, the price is very expensive. In the modern printing machine, please ensure that the operator have a positive preventive maintenance plan, so that you can track flexo printing equipment and circle pressure circle die-cutting machine wear condition and performance of the item. For example, the front wheels into the paper requires constant attention. The front wheel, I always wear, in the first row and the fourth row between rotation, to ensure that the paper completely evenly into the feed roller press section.
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