Cardboard-box factory think food packaging design needs to pay attention to several principles

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-20
It serves to show the importance of food. And food packaging design or have special requirements, carton box factory in guangdong hengda cardboard-box factory think should not only pay attention to keep food color, aroma, taste, to make the food more convenient transportation, improve the aesthetic effect of food. So, in the design of food packaging, should be how to satisfy any requirements? How to design the food packing box right? 1, food packaging safety and health: food packaging must ensure the safety of the packaging material itself nontoxic and non volatile substances, which would require packaging material itself has a stable organization composition. In addition, in the packaging process of the implementation of the process, also won't produce chemical reaction with food ingredients of material and chemical composition. In the process of storage and transfer also won't because of the change of climate and environment factors normal chemical changes. 2, food packaging strength requirements: because food pass stacking after completion of packaging, transportation, storage and distribution process to reach consumers' hands, there is a need for food packaging has a certain strength, not broken in the process of circulation. 3, food packing box resistance of permeability requirements: barrier property requirements of food packaging is determined by the characteristics of the food itself, food packaging barrier property to its characteristics of different requirements. Food packaging barrier property on the one hand, to ensure that the external environment of various bacteria, dust, light, gas, water and so on could not enter in the packaging of food, on the other hand is to ensure that the water contained in food, oil, aromatic ingredients, such as the food quality indispensable ingredients not penetrate outwards, so as to achieve purpose to ensure the packaged food the same quality. 4, food packing box temperature tolerance requirement: mostly in the process of food processing by heat treatment, have a plenty of packaging after high temperature treatment, such as canned food and small food cooking class, have a plenty of hot filling, such as many hot filling beverage, there are many food shelf life is long, such as reach or exceed one year, this will inevitably in the process of normal temperature preserve food storage after a hot summer day, need to go above 300 c, the requirements of food packaging has a certain temperature tolerance. As food and processing technology of different requirement for temperature tolerance is also different. 5, food packaging promotion sex requirement: to promote sex is one of the most important function of food packaging. Promotion of sexual request food packaging material will be easy to printing, easy to shape, easy coloring, light weight, etc. In this regard, the plastic has advantaged advantage. Scope of business covers the entire shenzhen hengda a cardboard-box factory in shenzhen and the surrounding provinces and cities, the main business: BOPP bag as self-adhesive bag, flat pocket, bag bag, silver is sealed bags, leather bags, card bags, CARDS bags, all kinds of jewelry bag, PE bag, PO plastic bags and other packaging. Professional production of various kinds of carton, paper box, leather box, type B, type C wave corrugated paper, three layers ( Single hole) , five layer ( The double pit) And seven layers ( Three pit) Corrugated board, protect horn board, knife CARDS, environmental protection plate, K paper, paper, B, C, 3 paper, all kinds of low and medium upscale carton or special cartons. Address: shenzhen baiyun district yongxing industrial zone ( From the road) Maps show tel: 020 - Fax: 36028436-020 36028436 contact: Mr. Xie phone: 18620126863
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