Carton compressive strength test and quality effect judgment

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-19
Carton compressive strength test and quality effect is how to determine, 1) The compressive strength of corrugated carton refers to the uniform pressure testing machine under the condition of dynamic pressure until the damaged casing can withstand maximum load and deformation. ( 2) Carton compressive strength tests of compressive strength testing machine process of four stages: the first is the additive load stage, to ensure that the cartons and press platen contact resistance; The second stage horizontal line pressing was under pressure, load increased slightly at this time, change the large deformation; The third is the carton wall pressure stage, the load increase quickly, the deformation increases slowly; Phase 4 cartons were completely destroyed, for carton crushing point at this time. The cartons are mainly four angles in the whole process of pressure force, about two-thirds of the total stress, so in the process of production, we should try to reduce damage to the carton corrugated around four angles. ( 3) The cartons compressive strength is divided into effective value and final value. To test the compressive strength of the changes are sometimes by arrive slow fast direct to the point of collapse, have a plenty of stationary additive to the point of collapse. Long-term compressive tests have shown that sometimes the force value changes have certain buffer, namely when the force value and deformation increases to a certain degree, after applying to stop and deformation continues to increase, after a period of time, force value continues to increase, the point of collapse until the cartons. Can be called the buffer force value before the effective value, the buffer before the deformation is called deformation effectively. Buffer, although the force value can continue to increase, but the cartons have begun to deformation, can't meet the use requirements, so the decision criteria for carton compressive strength should be the effective value of the compressive tests. ( 4) Generally three levels of A stare blankly box deformation under 10 mm, three layer B stare blankly box deformation under 7 mm, three layers of C stare blankly box deformation under 9 mm, five layers BC stare blankly box deformation under 18 mm, testing force value should reach an effective value of the compressive strength. ( 5) The quality of the carton, the better, the higher the effective value of the compressive strength, the less effective value and the final value of the deviation. Analysis of compressive strength of corrugated carton generally wants through multiple experiment ( 3 or higher) Average, the smaller the deviation between each experiment data, the cartons compressive performance more stable. We can through the force value and the change of the deformation process, combined with the various factors that affect the cartons compressive, further analysis of the quality of the carton. Corrugated carton selection principle when choosing corrugated carton first should take the storage and transportation conditions, the nature of the product, weight and circulation environment, second should be according to the shockproof packaging design principle and design method of corrugated carton design, also follow the relevant standards, such as export commodities packaging to meet the requirements of the international standard or foreign and to go through the relevant tests, therefore corrugated carton packaging when general should pay attention to the following two points. ( 1) Corrugated board corrugated type of corrugated type, high according to stare blankly is divided into A, B, C, E, four categories, different have different mechanical properties of the corrugated cardboard. Type A corrugated board the plane of the highest pressure, the compressive strength is larger, type B, on the other hand, C type parallel to the plane stress, the vertical pressure, pressure gentle momentum are better; Corrugated board thickness, type A, C, B type again, E minimum, due to the small thickness of the cardboard processing bending easier, therefore, B type corrugated paper is widely used in low requirements on the compression strength of box packing box. According to the different mechanical properties of corrugated board, single-sided corrugated carton for good with A or C, double corrugated carton with A, B or B, C type combined advisable, close to the surface with type B, can have impact resistant effect. A, B or B, C, the combination of physical and mechanical properties can improve the carton; The comparison, from the printing eligibility type B and C are good for printing. ( 2) Corrugated carton box in the premise of guarantee the quality of carton, should try to cut down the cost of carton processing materials and packaging. For example. Volume the same carton, using long, wide, high for 2:1:2 most material, proportion is: when the cost of material. Therefore, we should try to avoid using a square box. Had to take care of to the product utilization of tank, tank for truck, train car capacity utilization and storage of smoke when stacking stability.
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