Carton packaging plant | common marks on the carton packaging is introduced

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-07-29
The signs on the carton packaging can be divided into two main types: identification and directional signs. 1, identification marks ( 1) Trade mark: is the specific mark of the goods, or export companies or foreign firms. On the carton with triangle, diamond, square and round, such as simple graphics, with alternative Jane. ( 2) Destination signs: used to denote goods to the destination place name. Place names applied writing full name on the carton. Usually in the upper right-hand corner flag ShouDai location. ( 3) Goods name and quantity mark: usually use patterns and text to commodity credit number, the number in the box. Measure of a useful box, only, and double, set, etc. Chinese-foreign is commonly used in control. ( 4) Will indicate the actual size and weight marks: carton outside the profile size and weight, so that the transport department reference data to select the mode of transportation and stacking method of goods. 2 indication, according to the character of the goods, for some easy breakage, damage and deterioration of product, in terms of handling, storage and keeping operation of the proposed requirements and matters needing attention, for example, & quot; Up & quot; ,“; Well protected against dampness & quot; ,“; Handle with care & quot; ,“; Heat & quot; ,“; Antifreeze & quot; ,“; Stack height & quot; And so on. Gift packaging business:
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