Carton packing and wooden case which good?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-22
According to the statistics, in the developed countries, the United States each year about 122 kg per capita consumption wrapping paper and board paper; Japan 78 kilograms per capita; The French 54 kg per capita; The 50 kg per capita. Look from these figures, people's demand is very big for the paper. Paper is always become a major form of packaging is self-evident. The carton packaging paper products manufacturing, used for packaging of various items of equipment. Single crater ( 3 layers) / double pit ( 5 layers) Three pit (/ Layer 7) / four pit ( 9 layers) Carton, carton box, color box, color box segment and large shape beer boxes and other kinds of packaging specifications. Carton packaging in such aspects as puncture resistance, strong degree is inferior to packed in wooden cases, but in other ways than advantages packed in wooden cases. Famous Japanese Honda motorcycle, are exported to Europe and the United States, the packaging of inner frame with Angle, a small amount of wood, and the outer packing is used corrugated paper board. It can get very good protection. Low cost, easy to packaging cartons, suitable for adding fillers, clean and suitable for products such as packaging, goods transport, material, etc. Carton packaging beautiful for packed in wooden cases, the reasons are as follows: 1. Portable, uniform, save freight cost. 2. Can be folded, save large m4k warehouse space. 3. The cost is lower than the wooden case, the factory production, the processing efficiency is high. 4. Seismic, impact performance is good, in the cylinder test, wood case about 16 times through touch attack will be damaged, and carton ding has about 10 times the wooden case touch attack number of times to be totally damaged. 5. Carton is beautiful, easy to beautify the design surface. 6. No peculiar smell. 7. With plastic composite, achieve moistureproof. Carton packaging is the same as the carton packaging has many advantages, but also the main role in the retail, it directly have the effect of sales promotion. Shenzhen hengda cardboard-box factory: http://www. tiancipackaging。 com/
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