Carton printing often appear in the problems and solutions

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-07-27
In the carton printing, often there will be a heavy form, blur, font deformation, the phenomenon such as misregister, so how to solve? In the process of carton printing, if improper adjustment, tend to produce the heavier font, the main cause of this phenomenon is unstable vibration equipment or machine speed; Another reason and ink roller pressure also has a lot to do, to solve this kind of phenomenon we commonly used method is on the ink roller pressure as far as possible before production start up, in the production of wants even boot, powered should have no & other; Bacteria & throughout; For non-standard fonts deformation overprint completely depends on whether the operator for the adjustment of the equipment is completely reach the best state, and is associated with the proficiency of the operator; Nowadays due to the product packaging GeChang manufacturers have strict requirements, like the cartons for carton pressure have high requirements, this requires printing production process to strictly control the roll gap pressure, avoid stress damaged board thickness, corrugated carton will be elongated damage caused by pressure, it will directly lead to a drop in pressure after the carton moulding; Another reason is that affect page version of the board and the thickness of materials also have a lot of things to do, otherwise the cardboard corrugated molding thickness can reach 7. 0 mm to 7. 5 mm, but after the printing process is only 7 mm, sometimes even less than 7 mm, this is because if the page using rubber version of the text if the design and format design is too large, in order to ensure the printing surface effect, in production, will consider less than the thickness of the cardboard, corrugated board of the crushing stress can directly cause damage and even damaged. Therefore, we suggest that the widespread demand for large products, as far as possible use flexo printing, reducing the pressure of cardboard for layout of the phenomenon caused by unqualified; Met a lot of time stamping will clean the offset printing is used to solve the fuzzy phenomenon, in fact this is done to ignore the pressure problem and repeated debug cieme page layout of the problem, this recommendation before production, debug and cleaning after the offset printing, according to the quality of the offset the pressure switch is transferred to the best, like mark fuzzy, basic cannot appear the phenomenon of heavy, to continuously phenomenon, appear this kind of circumstance does not exclude the cardboard materials; , on the other hand, the concentration of the ink roller under pressure and also has a lot to do, such as the concentration of the ink can't be too thin, this will increase the coverage of the page, reduce the penetration phenomenon; In the carton printing has a problem that nots allow to ignore, the slot phenomenon clean tape hang up, cutting Angle, make a sudden snatch phenomenon, just like our common slot isn't clean, often hanging side carton printing phenomenon, which is associated with the texture of cardboard; Related to equipment wear and tear on the other hand, due to solve this problem, which can be used to improve the cutting depth and cut knife knife gap between cutting can not blindly on the sword, and have to deal with a crack, general won't appear on the inner surface crack of paper cutting, but to cut his own hand, due to direct effect on the surface of the paper force, so must be directly when preloading do printing, buffer, organizational stress ( In does not affect the quality and intensity of cases) 。
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