Cartons magic eight treasure, 40 cm mother gave birth to 120 cm dog

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-25
In stone city cardboard-box factory dormitory, a family have hero dog mother gave birth to eight cubs at a time, and surprisingly the dog mother only about 40 cm in length and size is very small, newborn dog babies were at about 15 cm in length and haven't opened his eyes, is shaking the head, can be the matter to the mother's arms arch with milk. 8 15 cm dog baby how in only 40 cm mother body, is really admirable the dog mother, is to have children in this world. According to the owner of the dog mother ms king, mother dog named feifei, more than 3 years old, is a miniature pinscher and the string of chihuahua breed of dog. Under the 'no dog, feifei is less than ten catties, unexpectedly can give birth to so many baby, in the past have big dog didn't take so much.
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