Catch to meet his girlfriend home for Chinese valentine's day, carton block roads when single

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-12
Today is the Chinese traditional Chinese valentine's day, Chen rush will slowly catch hand to finish the work, and his girlfriend have an appointment to her house, think of immediately can spent together with the girl I love the sweet and meaningfully, Chen ran all the way on the highway, suddenly loomed ahead 1000 meters up a hill, strange, how hill highway will occur, Mr. Chen can't careless, deceleration approach only to find that the hill was nearly a big carton is scattered in the fast lane, and affected by these cartons in the way, has formed a long list of car in front of the dragon, vehicles more than 10 minutes travel forward less than 50 meters, worried Mr. Chen have to get off, to his girlfriend tweeting, reported what happened on the road, this year's Chinese had the most special, and can only be on the road and the car company, Chinese valentine's day when 'singles day'. According to the previous owner, 5 o 'clock in the afternoon, high-speed north seven exports to its in Beijing about 800 meters, a big truck to drive from east to west occurs, the bus nearly carrying a large paper boxes scattered all over the floor. Original bearing high north seven exit in Beijing for a little detours, when the 10 meters large trucks from east to west through the road, for some reason, big truck suddenly started DaHuang body, then in the medial side happen the next lane. Car nearly a big paper box all turned over to the lateral driveway, pile into a hill. After the accident, the big truck driver was not injured, to climb out of a car, in situ waiting for the traffic police. Affected by the accident, the road traffic congestion more than two hours.
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