Choose what is the principle of purchase corrugated carton

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-11
Carton is mainly used for product packaging, can very good protection products, packaging beautiful, is advantageous to the product handling transport, but it will not damage the product, at the same time can increase the value of the product level very well. Introduction of cartons according to the type of corrugated board, the international popular corrugated board type is divided into A, B, C, E, the types, main difference is that the shapes of the corrugated board is different, so the bond into the performance characteristics of corrugated board are also different. The same tissue and interleaving paper, as a result of the shape of the flute, there was a significant difference: made of corrugated paperboard cushions, elasticity is rich, the tall secretory type B groove density, corrugated board production smooth, bearing high pressure, suitable for printing; Type C flute as A flute. But the impact resistance performance is better than that of type a coil; E tank thin and thick, shows its strength. Corrugated carton specifications by all kinds of kraft paper, compressed into hard corrugated cardboard, we ordinary corrugated board is mainly divided into three layers of corrugated cardboard, five layer corrugated cardboard, seven layers of corrugated board. Three layers of corrugated paper application, basic 8 jins weight, that is to say, about 4 kilograms, if the goods reach the weight of 5 kg, had better choose five layer corrugated paper box is right it is not easy to break. Buy corrugated carton when choosing corrugated carton to the principle of considering the nature of the product, weight, storage and transportation conditions and circulation environment, the second to impact based on prevention of packaging design principle and design method of corrugated carton, in addition to the related standard, the packaging of export commodities in accordance with the requirements of international standard or abroad, and through the related test, so the corrugated carton packaging generally choose the two points should be paid attention to. ( 1) Corrugated board corrugated model of corrugated board model, according to the length is divided into four classes A, B, C, E, different have different mechanical properties of the corrugated cardboard. Type A corrugated cardboard the highest plane stress, compressive strength is larger, type B, on the other hand, C is parallel to the plane stress, the vertical pressure, pressure and buffer pressure force is good; The thickness of the corrugated board, A maximum, C, B again, E minimum, bend more easily because of the small thickness of cardboard processing, therefore, B type of corrugated paper is widely used in packing of carton compressive strength requirement is not high. According to the different mechanical properties of corrugated board, single-sided corrugated carton is better to type A or C, double corrugated carton with type A, type B or type B and C combination appropriately, close to the surface of type B, can have A certain impact effect. A, B, or A combination of B and C to improve physical and mechanical properties of carton; From printing suitability comparison, type B and type C is good for printing. Turn 2 watts of carton box on the premise of guarantee the quality of carton, and try to save materials and packaging costs. For example, the equivalent volume of carton, long, wide, high is 2:1:2 most saving material, proportion is: the most saving material. Square, therefore, should try to avoid also considered products for tank capacity utilization, enclosure for truck utilization, the capacity of railway carriage, and the stability of storage and transportation and pumping ability of stacking. Damage resistance and pressure resistance of the cartons have any direct relationship between the carton compression force generally refers to the static pressure, in addition to the static pressure also includes dynamic impact. The former can be determined by the maximum overlap experiment, the latter usually by natural variations a certain height and accidental collision, transportation turbulence to determine. Carton compression strength and compression strength of what is the conceptual difference between penetration strength refers to the maximum power carton can withstand the sudden shock; And the intensity of fracture is refers to the internal resistance to local extrusion can; At present, the domestic light industry standard has cancelled the puncture strength index, but export carton is still required.
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