Coated paper is one of the important material packaging decoration printing process

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-11
Coated paper is an important material in packaging printing, the printing quality, to a large extent depends on the material itself on advantages and disadvantages, and the extent to which the operator have the characteristic of paper. That is to say, to print good coated paper products, must according to the properties of the paper, and adopts the corresponding process technology. If the improper operation in coated paper printing, easy to produce sticky dirty ( The bottom) , pulverization, slow dry, star owe the phenomenon such as bright color, in order to ensure the quality of the printing, so what issues should be paid attention to when coated paper printing? Printing factory in shenzhen bliss is to introduce for everybody below: 1, for each batch of coated paper, before put into use, to cope with the smoothness of paper, ph, absorption, drying, scalability, and surface bonding strength and a series of printing eligibility issues involved, to carry on the test and analysis, and then according to the properties of the paper, take corresponding measures, such as adjust the ink viscosity, liquidity, dryness and anti-sticking measures, in order to realize the standardization of scientific production, prevent adverse situation when printing; 2, to stick well coated paper printing proof technology. Coated paper absorbency is weak, and the back is smooth, so that the printing ink is very layout or multi-color overprint, prone to stick dirty problem, so the anti-sticking measures should be taken to overcome them, such as to take right amount in the light oil is the first of anti-sticking agent, stirring evenly, make it into a liquid after join again beaten in the printing ink, printing when good anti-sticking effect can be received. 3, to cushion the good version of the technology and printing pressure debugging, to ensure that the printing ink layer evenly and light. Evenly coated paper printing pressure should be obtained and appropriate, the heavy pressure prone to falling powder adverse circumstance, imprinting is not clear and easy to cause branch ills, and increase the printing plate wear. On the other hand, is easy to cause dot imprinting is not strong, and blindly increase the ink layer to make up for a lack of pressure caused by the layout of hair flower,, easy to produce sticky dirty, slow dry, dieyin not classy adverse consequences, so the printing pressure of coated paper wants even, want to appropriate. More than 4, coated with paint, printing process often encounter off powder and print page rendering shadow phenomenon. Have this kind of situation, we should pay attention to check whether installed version of the process operation, such as plate with and without cushion of lay particular stress on case, because paper pressure is too large, it is easy to coated paper surface coating powder quality crushing, cause off powder and dark spots. In addition, you should check whether the ink viscosity is appropriate, if the printing ink layer thickness, viscosity, and cause a paper powder and accumulation is one of the reasons for the layout. 5, with coated paper printing trademarks, packaging products, often with light color as background, the folding color overprint. Such improper if when printing technology, will also cause problems and affect the quality, so, in the deployment of color ink, the ink should try choosing to heat and light, and thinner advice to use light, is designed so that you can put the color in the printing effect will be better, in order to prevent the base color ink layer easy to seal friction damage. This is to introduce the shenzhen bliss in packaging printing use coated paper printing need to be aware of some matters, but also need not worry, as long as when printing on mastering its features, and correct the printing technology, operation can not only improve the efficiency of printing, and can effectively ensure the quality of printing. If necessary, our company help you at any time!
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