Common carton packaging, no 'make-up' looked like before you know?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-01
Walked into the store shelves in wide variety of products and health products/food/cosmetics/clothing of all kinds of packaging make people overwhelmed when you pick up the product on behalf of the product have attract their own characteristics such as packaging, such as price, however, I think the outer packing should be the first of these exquisite packaging before printing is what kind of? First molding box should pass design, process selection, production and processing these basic working procedure, each a carton packaging is made of cardboard, according to the product to the market to choose the material of cardboard, the effect of different material make different. Gift box packaging custom carton is main part of the design, the design success to attract the attention of customers, so as to realize the promotion of the product. When doing design, designers must first understand product industry and the development trend of culture, and then made according to your own experience/inspiration. Finally is the custom processing cartons, here small make up to customize a matter of time, usually custom gift box to earlier than 2 - time to market Three months, and processing of booking in advance. Ordinary package is customized according to the daily sales and production processing. Looking for a solid packing box factory, it is of their products with a favorable marketing protection. If you have custom need, you can inquire.
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