Completes the color box packaging is very important, and why?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-07-25
When consumer is choosing goods, will consider many factors, not only is the value of the goods, and goods brand, appearance, etc. In these factors, the appearance of the image is the first factor affect consumer goods. General product box, not only has the effect of protection, beauty products, at the same time also is a key part of the branding, marketing success, high quality packing box to consumers is not only visual impact but also the experience of beauty and fashion. So, the meaning of the color box packaging is also so. Color box common box type: portable box, easy to carry, generally used for holiday gifts, specialty food and so on, the built-in goods quantity. Heaven and earth cover box, open, easy to take, electronic products, clothing footwear used in the majority; Alien box, the modelling is unique, is cut by arc, straight line and the alternate combination, produce triangle, hexagon, octagon, circular modelling color box. Open window color box, facilitate commodity display, branch and polyhedral window, useful also transparent plastic and not plastic, PET. In design color box packing should be combined with the current popular culture, with the way people are more likely to accept, to reflect the image of the brand, can also highlight important sales. Gift packaging:
are important in ensuring packaging design box, and the machine is utilised by everyone from packaging design companies to packaging design box.
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