Corrugated cardboard carton processing process all kinds of common disease of paper solution

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-22
Corrugated cardboard carton processing process all kinds of common disease of paper solution: does a, glue stick, fake 1. Does the paper glue cause analysis: (1) glue quality does not meet the production requirements or deterioration; (2) the amount is too small; (3) lack of corrugated roller, pressure roller heat; (4) pressure roller pressure; 5 watts roller, pressure roller of high serious wear and tear. The solution: (1) to replace qualified adhesive solution; (2) the right amount adjusted large amount of glue; 3. Raise the temperature of pressure roller, corrugated roller, assure the temperatures of more than 180 cc boot; (4) adjust pressure roller, in the paper, tile adhesive is good, in the paper it is advisable to not stare blankly; (5) grinding or more damage of new pressure roller, corrugated roller. 2. Does face paper glue cause analysis: (1) amount is too small, the dryer speed too slow; (2) glue thin liquid, glue spreader with glue; (3) lack of hot plate temperature dryer, glue is liquid not fully gelatinization; (4) the dryer speed too fast, drying; (5) the dryer and travel for the ballast roller sets didn't completely. The solution: (1) the appropriate increase the amount of glue, and raise the speed; (2) replace glue solution or in collagen liquid adding suitable amount of emulsifier; (3) improve the dryer hot plate temperature to 180 ℃ above start; (4) to reduce speed. (5) dropped ballast floating roller. 3. In the paper the false cause analysis: (1) corrugated roller temperature; (2) the amount is too small, the temperature is too high; (3) the speed is slow, the essence cause gum; (4) adhesive solution viscosity is not enough. The solution: (1) improve the single machine temperature; (2) adjust the amount of glue, shut off the heat source temperature dropped to below 180 ℃, 160 ℃ above start; (3) improve the single machine speed; (4) increasing adhesive solution viscosity. 4. Surface paper false cause analysis: (1) hot plate temperature dryer; (2) adhesive solution precipitation metamorphism; (3) board in the dryer for a long time. The solution: (1) temperature of glue liquid can boot when gelatinization; (2) new glue; (3) reduce the surface of paper without shaft bracket still appeared glossy paper fracture after tension gate valve, replaceable pull a good film. Estimates are that more than two minutes, broken paper may renew time immediately cut single face corrugated board. Will be baked in the open again after the paper board inside the machine, day less cardboard stay in the dryer for a time. Second, the collapse of 1. Single board collapse cause analysis: (1) corrugated roller wear; (2) and tile roll gap is too large; (3) tile paper gram too big too thick; (4) tile paper moisture content is too large; (5) tile paper without preheater plasticity is poor. The solution: (1) change or the tile roll grinding; (2) adjust the two roller clearance to 0. 5mm; (3) change the tile paper; (4) the large tile paper preheat Angle; (5) the paper through the preheater. 2. Double tile collapse reason analysis: (1) the double-sided machine collapse after coating, glue spreader and ballast roll gap is too small; (2) after the dryer the collapse, the floating ballast on the conveying roller cannot free up and down and compression deformation of corrugated; (3), large amount of glue of corrugated paper absorbs a large amount of water to soften the glue solution, one-sided in the dryer running direction; (4) tile paper quality.
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