Corrugated carton squashed 9 big reason and solution

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-10-02
Corrugated carton if squeezed bian will cause serious damage to the cardboard pressure, as will harm the compressive strength of empty containers of paper box immediately. Cardboard squish because there are many, underneath the hengda shenzhen cardboard-box factory analysis and handle them one by one. 1 and 1. The corrugated roller not parallel surface ( Corrugated skew) ; 2. Corrugated ratio is low, or corrugated roller damage; 3. Corrugated paper and then squeezed flat; 4 great support on core paper roll; 5 because of the flowing equipment steam injection is overmuch, core paper moisture content is too much; 6. Coating equipment cause any bite point of corrugated paper crowded flat; 7, on both sides of the up and down or so conveyor belt tensile resistance not divide evenly, Oblique corrugated paper) ; 8. Low, squish corrugated; 9 core compressive strength value of the paper is too low. 2, 1 countermeasures. Adjust the corrugated roller to parallel surface; 2. Replace the corrugated roller; 3. Inspection, adjustment or repair all will cause the squish corrugated paper teeth bite points, such as a transverse knife pickup roller, pressure roller or hot galvanized sheet work pressure system software does not regulate parallel surface or part, or to release pressure, overpasses on single sheet are applied, elevator belt problem; 4 lower case board paper aircraft braking system; Check the parts in the process of the Cpu; 5 reduce the amount of steam injection core of paper; 6. Reduce the single mould clamping force on the cardboard and tissue space; 7. Make the conveyor belt speed highly consistent; 8. After inspection on the corrugated paper caused corrugated squish, the elements of inspection result in corrugated skewed's sake; 9. Replace the core paper paper roll, and negotiating with corrugated board cardboard-box factory in shenzhen.
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