Corrugated carton waterproof solution

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-10-02
Many cartons purchasing companies are made like this condition: when buying cartons is normal hardness, there a couple of days, carton becomes soft man, suppliers with makings is not authentic? Of course not! Because the carton base paper using fiber is a kind of hydrophilic material, natural water imbibition is strong. Plum rains season to wet weather, such as relative humidity in the air is too high, carton, direct contact with the air can absorb moisture in the air, causing production of corrugated carton, the whole piece of cardboard is soft. Base paper and corrugated paper, especially the tile paper water imbibition is strong; Paper exposed after a long time in the humid air, water price increase, the horizontal ring crush strength of paper can markedly reduced, when relative humidity is 85%, ring crush strength would fall by 60%. Solution 1, cardboard waterproof solution proposal to switch to better waterproof effect of base paper, especially the pit of paper. To examine how base paper waterproof effect, can be through the instrument testing of base paper surface water imbibition, general degree of surface water in the 50 g/m2 ( 60S) The following, the waterproof effect is good. If failed to test instrument, directly on the corrugated board paper or corrugated paper sprinkled a few drops of water, wait for 60 seconds after the paper blot, observe whether there is a paper surface discoloration after penetration, if not, the waterproof effect is good. Usually, paper mill in order to improve the surface of the base paper waterproof and need to improve in the papermaking process of waterproof agent in surface sizing starch paste liquid ratio, due to the fertilizer price expensive, waterproof good paper than poor waterproof paper costs more than 50 - per ton 100 yuan, the higher the weight, the lower cost. Need to take the initiative to communicate with carton customer, therefore, a cardboard-box factory and was properly raised its offer. 2, corrugated board production process to solve carton soft is the main means of the chosen material, secondly depends on production process. Carton soft factor is absorbed too much moisture, therefore, in the process of carton production and processing, should try to remove the moisture in the cartons. Base paper as far as possible from outside warehouse, absolutely avoid moist air inside the warehouse to roam wantonly. At the right time, in the warehouse equipped with suction wet machine, ensure the relative humidity is below 65%. Base paper in the warehouse when they absorb moisture in the moist air, hands-on should step up the base paper dryer in preheating Angle, if the effect is not good, still can slow down, to increase steam pressure. Increase the amount of powder when making a paste, reduce the amount of glue, can reduce the moisture in the carton. Add borax proportion also will improve corrugated board feel. Decrease the accumulation of cardboard paper overpass, slow down, especially after the corrugated board stack adequately wetted. 3, storage environment after logoff cardboard corrugated carton should be in the vapor smoke has not yet melted away, avoiding the phenomenon of temperature difference form condensate, store cardboard boxes or keep ventilated breathe freely, the environment of the cardboard carton is not directly on the ground, using the plate ( Pallet, plywood) Bearing up. Stored in the note of the gap between each other, to facilitate ventilation cooling. Recommend the use of wood plate, can absorb part of the moisture on the ground, the size and fitting for cardboard carton; Keep storage environment ventilated breathe freely, stretch film is used as the outer protection, can effectively reduce and isolation weather soft phenomenon. Now a lot of carton manufacturers began to use a wet machine, if can ensure warehouse relative humidity is below 65%, cardboard hardness has obvious improvement. 4, logistics environment: it is recommended to use van transportation, which is widespread used in each big enterprise supply trucks. In short, the problem of carton is soft, knot bottom or water problem. Only want to do everything you can to the base paper storage, processing, corrugated cardboard carton processing, storage and transportation process to avoid the cartons to absorb moisture, carton can be hard. Shenzhen bliss cardboard-box factory is a manufacturer of inside and outside packing carton, provide special carton, color box, box, beer boxes, large packaging products, such as purchasing the carton, custom express delivery to shenzhen, bestowed a cardboard-box factory and contact phone number: 18820947354.
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