Customize the cartons for the first time, the first thing to know what are the basic common sense

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-08-31
Custom carton for the first time customers, to understand some common sense, help yourself to customize a suitable for packing of goods. Cartons are made of cardboard custom, cardboard according to stare blankly high is divided into A/B/C/D/E/F/G the corrugated coefficient and coefficient of each corrugated represents different meaning. Type A corrugated board the plane of the pressure is high, the compressive strength is larger, type B, on the other hand, C type parallel to the plane stress, the vertical pressure, pressure gentle momentum are better; Corrugated board thickness, type A, C, B type again, E small, are vulnerable because of the small thickness of cardboard processing bending, F type corrugated and G type corrugated collectively known as micro corrugated board, is A kind of extremely thin corrugated, used as A hamburger, cream paste cakes and other food disposable packaging container, or used as A micro electric products such as digital cameras, portable audio system and refrigerated goods packaging. B shaped corrugated paper is widely used in low requirements on the compression strength of box packing box. Different corrugated combination, bring the effect of different, single-sided corrugated carton for good with A or C, double corrugated carton with A, B or B, C type combined advisable, close to the surface with type B, can have impact resistant effect. A, B or B, C, the combination of physical and mechanical properties can improve the carton; The comparison, from the printing eligibility type B and C are good for printing. Customize the dimensions of the carton, there are two kinds, one kind is inside dimension, one is outside dimensions. The customer at the time of provide packaging plant to indicate what kind of size. Only the size is correct, make the carton to protect the products. General corrugated carton custom leather carton packaging gift packaging customization:
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