Downtown streets near tied girl, covered in blood nearly naked

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-10
Around 6 PM last night, it is the peak work, sanlitun in Beijing chaoyang district near the village, a group of people are enclosed together, as a special things happened, I and two friends pressed compact, but too many people, very not easy to see that a gap, wear through it by the cat, was shocked, just jump up, too many people, most of whom were the appearance of the panic, someone yelled, call 120110 report to the police. See around the center of the crowd is a young girl, covered in blood in the cold winter, wearing only a thin conjoined skirt, grilled on the ground, scattered in hair, can't see face, next to a 2 meters long yellow leather carton, use tape, dense, began to have a pair of young girl found the carton, see the cartons shake slowly, suddenly the carton is opened, get out from the inside to the whole body is blood, hands and feet tied up, then they frighten almost passed out, hear them screaming, soon came to a lot of people, when heard someone calling, action, stop. Everyone stunned for a long time, just understand to come over, and it is in the movie, everybody can be terrorized. The things were posted to twitter, a few minutes to be forwarded thousands of times, the 51 points at 8 o 'clock the night, the Beijing municipal public security bureau official weibo safe Beijing forward the weibo says this is a movie, please don't worry about it.
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