Electricity corrugated carton packaging challenges and opportunities

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-10-02
Corrugated carton packing also get new opportunities in the era of electricity. Corrugated packaging as one of the main packaging materials in packaging field, will inevitably face rapid growth of electricity demand packing. The current corrugated packaging industry has also exposed many problems. Specifically, the problems existing in the corrugated packaging mainly embody in three aspects: one is the enterprise scale is small, the second is the market concentration degree is low, 3 it is not to meet the personalized needs. These problems lead to corrugated packaging enterprises difficult to achieve further development, failure to make good use of the opportunities brought by electricity. For traditional corrugated packaging enterprise, therefore, how to keep up with the pace of the electricity age, meet the demand of electricity packaging, will become a new task. Environmental standards and policy to promote the development of logistics industry, make people's life more convenient and wonderful, but the resulting flow of a lot of problems such as pollution and resource waste also cannot ignore, green packaging has become the logistics industry is an inevitable topic. In November 2017, the national post office and so on ten departments jointly issued the 'on synergy advancing express industry meaning with the guidance of green packaging work further reduce usage, basic establishment express delivery package management system. To enter in 2018, the newly revised national standard 'express packaging supplies' series of release, GB T 16606. 2 - 2018 ( Express packaging supplies part 2: packing) Comes into effect on September 1, 2018 formally. Packing part focuses on the classification of the revised packing, is used to increase the load on the built-in objects within no more than 3 kg, comprehensive quality 1 # packing size no greater than 450 mm. At the same time also increased the modulus of the foundation of the packing size, puts forward the basis of the packing size is 600 mm * 400 mm. Modified the packing material requirements, in view of the different types of cases put forward burst, side pressure and puncture strength index requirements, no longer the choice of single and double corrugated materials to make specific provisions. Increase the reusable express the content of the packing, in the new revision of the material, put forward a reusable, should comply with the GB/T 32568 'commonly used in the packing under the technical conditions of the relevant provisions. Also added 'packing should be printed side reuse standard' requirement, in order to meet the demand for express delivery packing for recycling. Green packaging electric business giants have launched such as alibaba, jingdong green logistics planning, which prompted new model of green packaging products and began to popularization and application. Rookie network is united in June 2016 32 logistics partner to start the 'green project', put forward by 2020 for industry overall carbon emissions by 3. 62 million tons, 50% of the electricity business package replacement is 100% biodegradable green packaging. By 2020, the novice to let China all packages to use environmental protection surface, covering 40 billion a year; And to all novice station district implementation in express covered in recycling bins. Since last year, alliance for a green packaging Tmall also in construction, there are a lot of multinational enterprises are large-scale use of green express box. Jingdong logistics CEO zhen-hui wang also said that the future 'green flow plan' will focus from the green material flow field to rise as the jingdong group sustainable development strategy. Suning transformation, via the Internet to build their own logistics and suning YunCang, storage robot to build more flexible storage model, and then set up laboratory, suning logistics packaging for packing large data, tray recycling sharing, sharing express box, cold chain circulation box, zero gummed paper box and a series of study to promote green packaging products, build wisdom logistics under the green packaging formats. China has 80% of carton cannot be recycled. Why is that? Because scotch tape is not only itself non-biodegradable, and objectively caused the carton with plastic is difficult to separate, improves the cost recovery, recycling enterprises on a blacklist. The biggest pain points in electricity for carton packing problem - — Adhesive tape, companies have also launched new products. Advertising package scenario is the online shopping will reach scene. Today's mobile Internet popularization, makes the value of the advertising has a lot of improvement. Electricity packages advertising can touch up to more than 500 million online population in China. These people online habit is strong, high spending power, at the age of the gold. Is the Internet company and a lot of brand core audience. Therefore, in recent years, this theme has been highly valued. China now has 30 billion electricity packages every year, these packages of advertising has not been fully taken advantage of. Carton elder brother culture communication co. , LTD. Hangzhou keenly aware of the opportunity, fully on logistic express industry layout of the entrance to the offline traffic, 1 billion express packages every day in the future market has not been developed, to create the focus media 'express packages'. Electricity merchant shipping at ordinary times, the advertising on the parcel is idle. When the elder brother of the cartons will be printed ads on the merchant's package, direct consumer, almost not increase the cost of merchants packaging materials. Carton elder brother can also by merchants and data to help advertisers precision touch of its hope to reach consumers. At present, the carton is elder brother has won tens of millions of A round of funding. Technical innovation technology innovation will make the traditional corrugated carton products renewed vigor.
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