Flower box factory introduction to moon cake box packaging design considerations

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-17
Development of times, in the packaging design, product packaging form is varied, packaging not only to both protect the commodity effect, but also has the personality and characteristics, good packaging design is ultimately in order to get more sales. As people living standard rise, in dietary respect from 'good' to 'eat healthy'. This requires the mooncake enterprises should more thinking about how to make good the moon cake packaging design, to better promote products to attract consumers. Below we talk about 2017 boxes of moon cakes of custom design should pay attention to several important design step: one: the moon cake box set custom design targeted design before packing must assume a target object, to think what is the core customer base, and core consumers values and aesthetic problems. Rightly or wrongly, must according to what you set the consumer insight, according to the stand or fall of this consumer insight, aesthetic temperament and interest, and set a hypothetical consumer buying habits, etc, so that your packaging ideas is the soul. 2: the moon cake box of custom design completes the brand if it is a new brand positioning, then to think about good brand positioning, brand value proposition and brand essence of the problem. If it is a new product of old brand to think about what good grades, do product upgrading, supplement or product innovation. 3: the moon cake box of custom design research competitor packaging design for the same, with varieties of packaging or other brands of the same value orientation, competing goods reference, reference, if not, can refer to the same consumers choose other product packaging for your reference. Four: the moon cake box of custom design to find the style of product packaging and tonal it is very important, also is to give you the product unique value proposition and the soul. What's your packaging to convey information, if you want to good you can begin to design. Five: moon cake box type sample custom design rendering is often not the most accurate, the key is to make the actual real way out, then some packaging, to compare, to look at. Whether has the core of the brand mark, whether accord with the aesthetic temperament and interest of consumers. Six: the moon cake box of custom design calculation cost estimates the cost of new packaging, you have a lot of time, although we know that the cost will increase, but for good packaging costs increase amplitude and may prepare feet, easy to close not wrong feet, get stuck in the packaging, it is difficult to grasp the quality. Seven: the moon cake box of custom design inspection and correction packaging in the process of concrete use, should pay attention to listen attentively to the views of the sales staff as well as the specific dealers, in case of changes. The modified process can repeat the above steps. Moon cake box packaging design is not difficult to do, perfect mooncake box packaging design is has the certain difficulty. Grasp the above several moon cake box packaging design steps and principles, may be able to make your product packaging can attract more consumers. Shenzhen hengda cardboard-box factory is a focus on the hardcover box design, custom manufacturer, has a fully automatic hardcover box production lines, professional production factory, custom high-end gift box, carton box, cosmetic box, hardcover box and so on.
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