Food packaging industry should promote 'non-toxic PVC plastic packaging as soon as possible

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-09
Recently, the category of polymer materials in our country, especially in PVC plastic products and plasticizer ( Plasticizer) Aspects of authoritative experts, shenzhen' target='_blank'>packaging printing plant, chapter of the international association of polymer adhesives, sichuan university, Polymer materials country key laboratory) Professor jing-xin lei, should combine China's business invitation, to be held in the 'alcohol circulation management and plasticizer ( Plasticizer) And organic pollutants and contraband controls senior seminar 'on,' plasticizer in food ( Plasticizer) Sources, toxic principle and detection disposal method ', 'liquor consumption in the process of plasticizer ( Plasticizer) Prevent and alternative 'subject to participate in advanced workshop personnel do a deepening shallow the incisive analysis, published original ideas. Food safety is the relationship between the vast physical well-being and life safety event of the broad masses of the people, and wine is a special commodity and special food, Taiwan 'plasticizer' wind and cloud and 'alcoholic liquor', make the whole society attention. Speaking of plasticizer ( Plasticizer) The problem of alternative, professor jing-xin lei said: plastic products, in life we come into contact with the local is PVC products. PVC is a vinyl chloride monomer preparation and polymerization. In the process of PVC consumption, stripping purification process, strict control of residual vinyl chloride monomer, monomer residue ( VCM) Reach the nation standard, is non-toxic PVC resin consumption. Since PVC is non-toxic, so why would appear toxic PVC plastic products? Professor jing-xin lei, explains its basic reason is that the consumption of PVC plastic products, manufacturers choose to use a toxic plasticizer. Professor ray further explained that the plasticizer is a kind of additives that increasing data of softness, is one of the world's largest plastics additives in output and consumption, in recent years, China has become the largest country in Asia region plasticizer consumption and consumption, but the current domestic enterprise major neighbors benzene products, the main plasticizer on many performance especially the health in such aspects as low toxicity and is difficult to meet the request of environmental protection. At present, more than ninety percent of the PVC soft products still use traditional phthalic acid esters plasticizer, if not completely change the present situation of the PVC plastic products, liquor 'plasticizer', and even beer, beverage, moon cakes, all kinds of food seasoning, such as soy sauce, vinegar, and medical infusion, blood transfusion bag, and other toxic plasticizer things present, is not occasional, but inevitably! It is because of the abuse of phthalate plasticizers once let us in life can't find 'clean non-toxic plastic products, it is not true.
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