Do You Give Your Baby Diaper Free Time?

I give my daughter diaper free time all the time!!! They should have it because it prevents diaper rash. Lol let her roam free thoughout the house. If she messes than you can clean it!

1. why does everyone think that TB/DL's (Teen Baby/Diaper Lover) are weird?

It's actually classed as a 'fetish'. These people often find their lives are very stressful and in their minds find that they were less stressed as babies, therefore they dress and act like babies. Personally I have no problem with it, (not that I do it my self!) as it is simply another way of releasing stress and taking responsibility off their shoulders for a day or so. So-called 'normal' people do that by watching t.v. (I had to look up 'binky' and 'pacifier' as they are not called that in England, here we call them dummies)

2. 35 week old baby- Diaper Rash?

Do NOT use petroleum jelly!!! That is meant only to be used if poop is really sticking to the bum like when it is the newborn tar poop. It should not be used for diaper rash because it does not allow the area to breath. It will only make the rash worse. My kids have had diaper rash and I have tried all kinds of products and I find the best one is Zincofax. My sister uses cloth diapers and says she has never had a problem with diaper rash so you may want to try those for a few days if it is really bad. Good luck, maybe your baby is teething, that often happens when a bad diaper rash appears

3. My husband will not change our baby diaper, is this normal?

I honestly do not see the issue if the most this is going to be a problem for is a couple months. Just decide if it is worth fighting for or just live with it. It seems as he has some fears of hurting the baby. Changing the diapers requires lifting the legs and can squish the organs if they use too much force on the baby, so maybe he is just playing it safe

4. I accidentally left a baby diaper on the floor and my dog shred it in pieces.?

your dog loves diapers. feed him more

5. How many receiving blankets to take for baby and is diaper rash cream necassary to take for diaper bag?

You do not need anything for the baby except something to put them in to home in and the car seats, thats it! Hospitals will provide the rest. good luck

6. is it proper for someone to change a baby diaper in a resteraunt dining room?

Oh my goodness! That's completely horrible! I sure hope I never have to witness something like that. Honestly, though, I would NOT be apathetic about it. While people are free to do as they wish ... or perhaps I should say, *because* people are free to do as they wish, I would immediately leave the restaurant and be sure to have a quiet word with the management on the way out. After all, it would be rude to holler across the restaurant at this completely oblivious woman, but nevertheless, we cannot have this kind of behaviour on what is meant to be an enjoyable night out.

7. Do you wipe your baby if the diaper is just wet?

No, I did not , and most people do not . It just really does not matter. Urine is sterile, you can not smell the tiny bit of wetness still on them, and they will pee again 2 minutes after you change them if they are small. Besides, men do not wipe after they pee. At least mine does not , and they do not have toilet paper next to urinals!

8. How to pack a good baby diaper bag ?

usually you want the bare essentials. formula or breast milk, wipes, diapers, lotions, and some toys. there is this site i found that has some useful tips

9. Baby powder and Baby diaper cream question..?

baby powder was said to be unsafe, something about the fumes the baby breaths in, unless you have the roll on kind. thats why i chose the cream, but the powder was only used to keep the babys skin dry, the cream was to protect an already existing rash or something. thats what i did anyway

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