Foreign Media: Tesla Research Team Is About to Develop a New Generation of Batteries with Revolution

According to foreign media reports, Tesla Canada battery research team led by Jeff Dahn is about to develop a new generation of batteries with revolutionary battery density. In a paper, the team proposed how to use electrolyte solution to solve the failure problem of non anode battery.

The paper is entitled "diagnosing and correcting the failure of anodised batteries through electrolyte and morphology analysis". The battery team said that compared with traditional lithium-ion batteries, some anodised batteries can store more energy per unit volume, which is very important to improve the mileage of electric vehicles. In addition, anodal batteries are lighter than traditional batteries.

However, with the increase of energy storage capacity, anodal battery also has disadvantages. One of them is the fast loss of battery capacity and short cycle life. In addition, the anode free battery also has safety problems, and its internal lithium metal will also have safety risks.

However, Dahn and his team proposed that when using double salt carbonate electrolyte solution, the problem of battery degradation can be alleviated and the service life of anode free battery can be prolonged.

The team said: "Recently, we used double salt carbonate electrolyte to realize long-life anode free battery. We used this liquid electrolyte to characterize the degradation of anode free battery. Scanning electron microscope and X-ray tomography were used to observe the deterioration of original lithium morphology, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and ultrasonic transmission were used to diagnose the causes of electrolyte degradation and depletion. In order to test the safety of lithium We also measured the temperature of the battery in the acupuncture test. "

When Dahn's team used double salt carbonate electrolyte solution in the battery, an inactive lithium mixture appeared, which can form a large lithium column in the battery and create an ideal lithium form inside the battery, thus solving the problem of short battery life.

Previously, Tesla also applied for a patent for an electrolyte solution, which can prolong the service life of the battery when added to the lithium-ion battery.

The optimized electrolyte successfully extended the service life of the anode free battery to 200 charge discharge cycles. Previously, Stanford University conducted an experiment on the anode free battery in June and found that the capacity of the battery decreased to 80% after 100 times of operation.

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