How Can a Kid Get a Book Published?

Oh God, how many freaking times are people going to ask this PUBLISHERS DON'T CARE HOW OLD YOU ARE!!!! if your 11 and your books awesome, they will publish it. If your 11 and its a terrible book, they wo not . I have not read your book, but I would suggest having a parent or teacher edit it for you. Also, do not get discouraged if you do not get it published, try and try again!

1. No matter what my friends make me feel fat, fat kid here?

First, for your height and weight per a standard BMI you are the correct weight. I am concern that you do not eat a balance diet especially for your activity level. I hope that you know that you are not fat. I must wonder if your friends are really your friend if they are making fun of you, but I also wonder are they making fun of you are theses thought in your mind? I hope you know you must be happy with yourself

2. When to start sending a kid to preschool?!?

About when they are around 3 or 4!!!

3. What was the name of this kid's tv series?

It was called "Eerie, Indiana" I loved it!! But, like every other TV show I like it was cancelled too soon. If you go to you can find TV shows on line. They have several episodes of this show available. You can get all sorts of old TV shows and watch for free. My favorite episode was the one about the lady who kept her twins in life size Tupperware containers so they would not grow up and she slept in a Tupperware bed, too!! It was a clever, funny show!!

4. Would you still send you kid(s) to school?

My eldest has never set foot in school (6th grade now), and my youngest attended a two-day-a-week school for six months in first grade and learned to dislike it a lot. When I asked local parents about the public schools I got a lot of positive feedback: "Oh, I LOVE the school!" Encouraged, my next question was always, "Oh, great! Why, what do you like the best about it?" The answers I got were less encouraging: "She has so many friends!" "The teachers are really nice." "Oh, he NEVER gets in trouble there!" Not one person cited an actual education as a positive strong point for the school. ??? It's nice if the car looks good, and it's shiny, and you like the sound of the horn. But if the darned thing does not run, what is the point? The main concern I hear from most parents is how effective the free daycare of school is. As long as the parent does not get called to come to the school and the parents are not asked to DO anything at home (like quiz their own kid with flashcards or something), the parents are happy.

5. How to keep a squirmy kid in the highchair?

probably you do not got it tight enough or the kid is smart like what she doing

6. LMFAO, isn't this kid ugly?

What the **** is your problem, Just cuz ur not confident, dont put others down!!! in fact, he is a real hottie in the first picture, he isnt so good in the second, but everyone has bad pics. Idk what ur problem is

7. Is a 13-year-old a kid or a teenager?

I am currently 16 years old and all I can say is that I guess 13 is technically considered a teenager because of the word teen in it, but mentally no, 13 year olds still act like children, I and most other people do not start acting more mature until the age of 14, i did not really feel like a teenager and I hardly knew anything adult related at age 13, your experiences could be different but for me and my friends we were all child like and clueless at age 13

8. How would you explain multi threading to a seven year old kid?

Some of these answers are mind-blowing... I think I might be the only one here that knows 7 year olds??? So, Johnny... Multi-threading is similar to what happens when it's clean up time at school. All of your class needs to clean up after the end of the day. .. Each kid is basically a thread. .. picking up toys is the task, and the toy box is a shared resource.Overall I think punching the interviewer in the face is a better answer

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